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Ayurvedic Hair Tea - FINAL SALE

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FINAL SALE! (please note that the tea bags have not been as strong as we would liked, so some items will arrive loose or with tears in the tea bag. No refunds. No exchanges)

Ayurvedic Hair Tea
Infused with 10 Hair Growth Herbs

Your hair will love our hair tea and the best way to use our hair tea is as a hair tea rinse, hair spritz, in your henna and Ayurvedic hair care recipes as the liquid and as an ultimate hair growth oil through oil infusion. 

This Ayurvedic Hair Tea is packed with 10 ultimate hair growth herbs that will stimulate your roots for faster hair growth. It nourishes the roots to produce stronger hair strands.


Quantity: 2 x 50 gram tea bags

Ingredients: lawsonia inermis (henna)*, cassia auriculata (cassia)*, emblica officinalis (amla)*, trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek)*, terminalia chebula (haritaki), bacopa monnieri (brahmi), eclipta alba (bhringraj), zingiber officinale (ginger)*, withania somnifera (ashwagandhan), salvia rosmarinus (rosemary)*, moringa oleifera (moringa), *.

*organically certified

For Hair Use only. Do NOT consume.
Please note that there is henna in this product and it may color your hair if you make it into a mask. Ideally we do NOT recommend you make the hair tea herbs into a mask. It will not deposit (or very minimal tint) color if you infuse it in liquid or oils.




Steep 1-2 tbsp in 2 cups of hot water for several hours. Allow to cool down to a warm temperature. Never pour hot liquid on your hair. Ideally apply our hair tea rinse in the shower. As you slowly pour the tea over your wet head, massage the infusion into your hair and scalp. If you keep a large bowl under your head you can catch the liquid and reapply again. Let it sit in your hair for a few minutes. Gently rinse with cool water or for extra conditioning benefits, leave herbal tea rinse in your hair and towel dry hair.
Should you have leftovers or made a big batch of hair tea rinse, you can refrigerate leftover hair tea for 7-10 days in a clean airtight container. Do not refrigerate tea in aluminum containers.


15 Reviews

  • Tea arrived in the box but powder inside too

    Posted by Charmaine on 12th Dec 2021

    I have not use the Ayurvedic Hair Tea yet . I know mentioned that the type of bags used for the tea weren't that good quality because some of the tea powder was inside the box a bit messy looking. I am going 100% Ayurvedic herbs for my hair to help it be have strong strands,stop breakage,stop the tangles abd knots on strands and at the ends and dryness. I like the herbs in the blend for the herbs but don't like Fenugreek scent! If it could smell differently like roses would be a beautiful scent. I had tried the Fenugreek seeds of the soaking over night in water and then strain the water from the seeds to use as a spritz. But that maple syrup I don't care for my hair to smell like that. And the crazy thing back then when it was warm bees were literally following me around! Lol but wasn't then. I guess I smell like sweet syrup like honey to them! And thus part is embarrassing, I had a pest of a mouse that same time in the house and the darn thing was on my desk behind my laptop! Eek! I couldn't believe it. That maple syrup scent is a scent that lingers! The tea bags I thought will smell less with hope that the wonderful herbs would over power it but it doesn't. When I use the tea maybe use rose water to try to cover up that smell. I am glad I have the hair tea for my Ayurvedic herbs collection.

  • Hair Tea Bounces Back Curls, Curtails "Canas"

    Posted by Lin Guest on 19th Nov 2021

    This tea is wonderful. I use it as a leave-in rinse on wash day (Mad Moisture or Argan Oil bars). My "method" is this. Read the instructions. Ignore the instructions because I'm an idiot. Boil the entire tea bag in a cheesecloth bag (for kitchen herbs--just don't reuse for edible herbs) using a gallon of distilled water in a regular big Teflon pot. Forget that the tea is simmering and get back to writing. Smell the herbs permeating the stove! Run back to the kitchen! See the bubbling tea, now busted out of its bag (but contained by the cheesecloth), the consistency of sweet tea made by Witches. Burn hand taking pot off stove. (Turn off burner first.) Smell the rich, earthy fenugreek and other herbal goodness coming from the brown loam foaming over the pot in big bubbles. WOW! Let the tea COOL for TWO HOURS (about the only instruction from Sister Khadijah I followed) at which point used a funnel to pour the lukewarm tea from the pot back into the plastic gallon container that the distilled water came in. Feel the soft, black sludge that is the bits of herbal goodness at the very bottom of the pot (this is why I use Teflon, ladies and gentlefolk) and smear some on the little white roots in the patch of hair above my forehead on the right. (Mi canas.) Totally forget that I did that for several hours. Try to figure out how best to use the tea, since I washed my hair *yesterday* and don't want to stress it out too much. Decide to take big bowl I use for henna & hair mask mixing. Put bowl in sink. Take gallon container of Ayurvedic Hair Tea and make sure it's cool enough (it is). Put on old t-shirt to sleep in and old towel around neck. Get microfiber towel (specially good for curly hair) ready for drying on sideboard. Lean head over sink, Slowly pour tea into my low porosity hair, making sure it's getting soaked and that the bowl is catching the clean tea as it drips, then streams, down my tresses. INSTANTLY notice that my hair springs back into ringlet curls. Squeeze excess tea from clean hair into bowl. Take microfiber towel to describe...grab my curls while my head is still upside down and gently squeeze and pat the excess tea out. Wrap hair in damp microfiber towel and ignore droplets because I have an old towel and old t-shirt on my back! Pour tea from bowl (because I am thrifty/cheap) back into gallon water container for reuse in shower within 6 days. Let hair mostly air dry, then layer on the Argan Oil for curl definition and added moisture. At this point, my hair feels like silk and smells like a deep green forest; my curls, usually flattened, bounce in ringlets. I use a diffuser and cool setting on hair dryer to dry the rest. Next day: cascade of curls, and that little patch of "¿canas?" Gone, and replaced by resplendent red-gold highlights that look wonderfully natural in my now shimmering brown hair. Five stars out of five. (And have fun making "mudpies" cleaning the herbs out of the cheesecloth from the busted tea bag--my hands smelled wonderful afterwards!)

  • Scent changed

    Posted by Debbie on 7th Nov 2021

    I originally liked everything about this product, based on the first time ordering it. It had a rich clove scent. However, when I bought a couple of boxes after that, which were on sale. I noticed the scent had changed. No longer smell any clove at all. But Fenegreek is very strong and overpowering. It's just hard for me to get passed this different scent.

    HS Reply: We haven't changed the batch as yet at all. I believe because the hair tea is what we've had for this year's crop, that through natural changes, the scents might have begun to overpower the other one more than the other. The same would happen with soaps or lotions that have different essential oils. That one EO over the other takes over, over time. This is what we conclude would happen as the product ages over the months.

  • A few teaspoons at a time

    Posted by Katrina S on 1st Nov 2021

    I've seen reviews regarding the quality of the tea bag. Well who cares! It's the magic inside that matters! Well let me just say, as soon as this arrived I opened it and PURPOSEFULLY removed the powder from the tea bag (which was fully intact btw) and placed it in a mason jar for long-term storage and freshness. I add a few scoops to my aloe and water refresher spray, conditioners, and of course hair rinses. Such a great deal - got it on sale for $6, bought two. Couldn't be happier with the quality of this product.

  • Spill the tea

    Posted by Latonya H. on 2nd Sep 2021

    Well, it came busted, but based on the ingredients, I'm confident this will deliver. Been a long time customer, and love the moisturizing shampoo bars, henna, and indigo as well as their co-washes!

    HS Reply: Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate you. We are going to revamp the packaging and tea bags so this won't happen. These are the last of the final sale as we transition and get the new packaging probably by Black Friday time frame.

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