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Bring Your Curls Back To Life with this Easy Ayurvedic Hair Recipe

Posted by Khadija Dawn Carryl on 9th May 2021

Bring Your Curls Back To Life with this Easy Ayurvedic Hair Recipe

Do you have curly or coily hair and struggle to define your curls? This Ayurvedic hair recipe is going to help bring your curls to life as we use the 5 BEST Ayurvedic Herbs that will define your curls by giving you moisture, volume and frizz control!

Ayurvedic Hair Recipe for Full Defined Curls

You'll need a bowl, mixing spoon or spatula and some warm to hot distilled water. 

In your bowl place the following herbs and quantity:
(this recipe is enough for shoulder to bra strap length hair. Adjust as needed)

Mix all herbs in a bowl very well to blend. Add warm to hot distilled water, slowly at a time. You may need about 1 cup or so to make a consistency of thick yoghurt. Make sure to stir very well to allow all lumps to dissolve. You can also strain the paste through a stocking if you want to make it extra smooth (fenugreek has a tendency to have little "cream of wheat" type bits).

Allow this mask to sit in the bowl for about 20-30 minutes. Add more liquid if needed (sometimes the water is absorbed more in this type of recipe as it sits so you want to ensure it stays a nice consistency for when you apply it to your hair).

Then prewash your hair with our Zizyphus Hair Wash (more curl definition!) or you can prepoo as well with our Ayurvedic Hair Oil or one of our Gloss Bars

Note: when deciding on washing your hair with a hair wash versus a prepoo, it's about what your hair needs. It's important to recognize if your hair is feeling dry, then you probably need to prepoo and if it feels like usual or oily you can use the hair wash. 

On damp hair strands, then apply the Ayurvedic hair mask and leave it on your hair for about 30-60 minutes (up to 2 hours is okay as well). Wrap your hair to ensure the herbs don't dry out on your scalp/hair (as that can cause breakage) and you can also use a heat cap, dryer or steamer as desired. 

Then rinse the mask out with one of our cleansing cowashes for best results (they are very restorative and add a lot of moisture to the hair). 

Then moisturize, dry and style as usual. How does your hair feel? Was this mask a yes for you or a no?

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