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Dry Hair?! Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher Gives Your Hair That Drip!

Posted by Zahra - Guest Author on 22nd Jun 2020

Dry Hair?! Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher Gives Your Hair That Drip!

When it comes to your hair, honey is one of those powerhouse ingredients that truly helps improve your hair's health. It is an excellent ingredient when it comes to conditioning because it helps to moisturize your hair. If you are struggling with breakage or excessive dryness, you should definitely incorporating honey into your hair regimen. Honey is bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants—all great food for your hair! That’s why we call this product, the Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher; because it literally provides your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong.

This delicious conditioning treatment is specifically formulated with ingredients to help your hair retain moisture including castor oil, raw honey and of course, our Organic Cassia Obovata (also known as neutral henna).
This Ayurvedic healthy hair care staples, is an excellent conditioner, pre-poo and will leave your hair soft and shiny. For those suffering with chronic dryness, and especially during the dry winter months, it is important to use products that will keep your hair hydrated. Often times, the most difficult part of a natural hair journey is sourcing products that not only moisturize your hair, but also help it to retain moisture. 

The hydrating and moisturizing properties of our Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher are exactly what have made the product such a hit with curly girls (that plus the delicious smell of course!), especially those with dry hair, low porosity hair and type 4 hair. Using a steamer and the Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher is key to the best Ayurvedic deep conditioning treatments you'll ever discover. 

Here’s what some of our curl friends had to say about the Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher.

Rene said: “Omg Sweet honey hair nourisher smells soooo good, I didn’t want to wash it out. I applied it to wet hair as a conditioner and my hair absolutely loved it. I have 4C low porosity hair and I plan on keeping this product as a staple in my hair maintenance routine.”

Unknown reviewer said: "This Sweet Honey Enriching Hair Nourisher was truly awesome! My hair was becoming dry and it seemed that nothing was helping the dryness...until I found this product! I left it on a little over 30 minutes (around 40 minutes) and then after rinsing it out and drying my hair I was so very happy with the results! My hair was soft and so much more manageable! A really great product that I will continue to purchase! Thank you Henna Sooq!!!"

In the above video, the definition achieved in FoxyDoll78's twist out is absolutely insane and just from using the Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher. 

Another great video that was so well loved, she filmed with an empty jar!

We also love this review on West's blog that features both our Sweet Honey Nourisher and one of our best selling Ayurvedic hair oils, Cocoveda Hair Oil. We guarantee these reviews and results will have you and your hair sold on Ayurvedic hair treatments which are guaranteed to give you the moisture, definition and shine you’ve been looking for!

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