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From Setback to Success Story: READ THIS FIRST if You’re New to Ayurveda!

Posted by SheRea DelSol on 15th Mar 2022

From Setback to Success Story: READ THIS FIRST if You’re New to Ayurveda!

At Henna Sooq, we sing the praises of Ayurveda for promoting hair growth, combating excessive shedding, decreasing breakage, increasing hair thickness, and a number of other positive changes to your natural hair. Equipped with proper hair care knowledge and quality herbs and ingredients, you can achieve any hair goal, but we know everyone’s Ayurvedic hair journey isn’t the same. We’ve heard and seen horror stories of unbridled dryness and breakage from a lot of Ayurvedic newbies across the internet. We want you to avoid any setbacks, and instead, achieve the ultimate success on this journey. Anyone, regardless of hair type, can benefit from the miracle herbs we offer at Henna Sooq and we are here to help you get on the right path.

Naturally curly hair grey healthy ayurvedic hennasooq

First, we know it’s tempting to jump right in with a full strength mask, meaning you just apply herbs and water, or some other mixing medium to your hair, but we encourage you to take it slow. Although this method will be the most beneficial to your hair over time, this may be too much for you in the beginning. Instead, try an Ayurvedic gloss. Add just 1-2 teaspoons of an herb such as amla or brahmi to your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner. This way, you get the added hair growth benefits of ayurveda while also getting much of the conditioning properties necessary to soften and moisturize your hair. Incorporating a hooded dryer or hair steamer into the deep conditioning process will also help to further condition the hair.

Naturally curly hair growth healthy ayurvedic hennasooq

Second, there is no need to buy every single herb on the planet and mix everything together. Truth is, we love doing that as veterans, but as a newbie, we encourage you to start with one herb at a time to see how your hair reacts to each individual herb. We recommend amla as a first choice because of how gentle and effective it is, even on the driest and most fragile natural hair types. Amla conditions the hair, adds shine and volume, and thickens and strengthens hair strands. Mix amla with plain distilled water, or a moisturizing liquid like aloe vera juice, and you’re already off to a good start.

Naturally super long hair growth healthy ayurvedic hennasooq

Adding plain honey or our Sweet Honey Enriching Hair Nourisher, and our Ayurvedic Hair Oil or Organic Amla Oil will also increase the shine and slip imparted on the hair. You can also try some of these ingredients and more by picking up one of our bundles, which allow you to sample many different herbs and products while you navigate this new, exciting world. After months (yes months!) of experimentation, you can upgrade to our herbal blends (found here and here) that combine the power of multiple herbs and provide moisture and strength at the same time. Our customer-favorite herbal blends remove the guesswork that you would otherwise have to do when formulating your own. They are most definitely worth a try!

Naturally curly hair body art quality henna growth healthy ayurvedic hennasooq

Third, please henna responsibly. You’ve probably watched a dozen youtube videos telling you how wonderful and powerful henna is for hair thickness and growth, and well, it is, but be careful! Only buy body art quality henna, that you can find here, and of course, start with a henna gloss. Mix a few teaspoons of henna into any conditioner of your choice, allow it to sit for an hour or two to release its magic, and apply it to the hair and leave it on for up to 2 hours under a plastic cap. When you eventually move on to full strength henna treatments, be careful when adding acidic ingredients like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Although they help to release the dye that provides the strength and color payoff, they can also make the hair very dry. Try mixing our henna with just plain distilled water or aloe vera juice, instead. Add shea butter, oils and honey to further help to nourish the hair.

Last, BE CONSISTENT! You are not going to see the fruits of your labor overnight, so please be patient. Your friends and family will probably see the changes in your hair before you do. Create a weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly hair care regimen and remain as consistent as possible sticking to your routine. Before you know it, you will achieve all of your hair goals.

We surely hope that these tips are insightful and help you to take a step in the right direction. If you need additional guidance, we are available for a one-on-one consultation that will assist you in building a healthy hair care regimen for your hair type and hair’s needs. Visit us here to learn more. As always, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@hennasooq) for more tips and recipes that will inspire you to be your best. Happy growing Henna Sooq family!

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