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Indigo for Black Hair Tones Won't Work on my Hair!! HELP!

Posted by Khadija Dawn Carryl on 16th Jan 2019

Indigo for Black Hair Tones Won't Work on my Hair!! HELP!

Sometimes indigo just doesn't work. It really doesn't. It's really annoying and frustrating when this happens. The color didn't come black like you wanted it to or even worse it made the hair green toned.
How can you easily get black tones using henna and indigo?

The best tip that works guaranteed is to first, rather then using henna alone in your first step, is to actually add indigo to your henna in the first step to create a standard brown hair coloring recipe.

Let me clarify. So you still mix your henna separately and get dye release from it. Most henna need to sit only 3-4 hours, not overnight.

Once it's ready you can then start your indigo, but in another bowl.

Mix your indigo and let it sit until dye release has been achieved which is typically 20-30 minutes.

Then combine both pastes into one bowl together and use and apply to your hair.

Creating a darker base rather then using henna alone, works better to achieve black results with the second step with indigo especially for those having a hard time achieving the black tone you really want. Works well fro stubborn greys and hair strands.

For optimal results, use our Hair Wash before applying the henna hair coloring treatments and leave your hair damp. This helps the color adhere better and it applies quicker on damp hair strands.

Then do your henna and indigo treatment (one step process). CoWash this out once it's been in your hair for at least 3-4 hours.

Then if you have time, do your indigo hair coloring treatment as the second step immediately. If you don't have time right then, just make sure to do your indigo within 72 hours from the first step. Don't wait longer then that. There will be new growth that potentially won't get covered properly if you wait too long to do the second step.

When you apply the indigo make sure to leave it in your hair at least 3-4 hours. Then CoWash it out and moisturize. Dry and style as usual.

Henna hair color lasts 4-6 weeks.

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