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Journaling to Reach Your Hair Goals

Posted by Kimberly - Guest Author on 26th Jun 2020

Journaling to Reach Your Hair Goals

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of journaling as well as it’s benefits. People keep journals to take care of to-do lists, to keep tabs on their moods and emotions, and to track health, fitness and wellness goals, among other things. Journaling helps clarify goals, allows you to focus on the road to achieve them and also gives seemingly trivial details a type of meaning and purpose. But did you know you could take these principles and apply them to your hair care journey? It’s time to find out!

What is a Hair Care Journal, Anyway?

A hair care journal works in much the same way as a fitness journal or a food journal does: it helps to track the steps you take in your hair care journey. That’s what our Ayurvedic Hair Care Journal and Planner is all about! We’re here to help you reach all of your hair goals, here’s how it works.

The Ayurvedic Hair Care Journal + Planner is a 6 week e-book that includes regimen planners, recipe pages, therapeutic art pages and three exclusive recipes for hair growth, strengthening and moisture. The idea is to take the guesswork out of your hair care journey and to maximize the results of everything you do.

Set your hair care journal up to create and build your personal henna and Ayurvedic hair routine. Start by creating a hair profile and health assessment of your hair currently. Think about adding details like your hair porosity, texture, how often you color-treat or heat-style your hair, as well as your most recent cut or trim. Record details like the look and feel of your hair currently- is your hair dry or greasy? Breaking at the ends or near the root? Is your scalp itchy or lacking hydration? All of these details will help you when it comes to the next step: goal setting!

Hair Goals

A major part of the Ayurvedic Hair Care Journal + Planner is helping you to achieve all of your hair goals! And to do that, you’ve got to set them. Think about setting long-term, big picture goals for your hair, and then breaking them down into monthly and weekly habits and practices that will support and bring you closer to your ultimate goal. This is where your personal hair care regimen comes into play as you build your routine to include products and strategies that put you on the road to brilliant, shining hair.

Reap the Rewards of Your Journaling

And then the fun begins! The truly useful part about keeping a journal, hair care or otherwise, is putting together the small, seemingly insignificant details to create a big picture.

Products and Ingredients

Keep track of the products and ingredients you buy and use. The ones you like and dislike, and the effects they have on your hair. Along with all the DIY recipes you create and use. Referring back to these details can save you from a repeat purchase of a product or ingredients you didn’t actually like all that much, and help you remember ones that really did the trick.

DIY Success

Learn to record all of the details of your DIY recipes, as the smallest change in weight or amount of ingredients can completely change the outcome of your recipe. Make note of the recipes you truly enjoy and the ones that you can skip the next time around.

Styles and Practices

It's not all about products, after all. Take the time to record the different ways you style your hair and the effects you see, the way your hair care professional takes care of and styles your hair when you visit the salon, and other daily practices that contribute to the health of your hair.

A note from the author and CEO, Khadija:

"I've created this journal because I really feel that writing out your recipes, experiences and results are both therapeutic and very important to your success. This planner will help you plan out your weekly hair care treatments along with giving you the tools you need to be consistent in your routine and find out what's working for your hair and what's not. Consistency is key to getting amazing results. Your hair is not just your crown but tells the world who you are, radiates your beauty and that gives you that hop in your step. I want you to reach and achieve your goals and am really excited that our brand, Henna Sooq that I love so much, is trusted by you to help you achieve them."

This 25-page e-book is available as an immediate download, so you can get started with your Ayurvedic Hair Care journey right away!

What They're Saying…


“This Hair Care Journal and Planner is well organized, clear and concise full of information but not overwhelming. The layout of the journal is perfect, with powerful yet simple to the point recipes. I found it very useful.” -JuliAna

This eBook goes hand in hand with our 6 Week Hair Regimen Courses. Bonus: As a student enrolled in this hair regimen, you will be given an exclusive 50% off this eBook!

The Ayurvedic Healthy Hair Care Journal and Planner is all you need to reach all of your hair care goals: from great products, recipes and our hair regimen classes, you'll be on your way to beautiful, shining, healthy hair!

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