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Henna for Hair Recipe Measurements Made Easy

20th Nov 2018

Henna for Hair Recipe Measurements Made Easy

Now that you have your organic henna, and all of the ayurvedic herbs you’ll be using for your recipe, you’re ready to get this recipe started!

Moroccan henna powder 2013

First Step

You’ll need to access how much henna, and herbs do you need for your hair length, and thickness. Easy! Head to this post for exactly how much you’ll need for your hair.

Second Step

Quantity needed: Check. Now you’ve decided on a recipe you’d like to use. You’ll have to measure out the exact (or close to) proportions for each ingredient to be used in your recipe. (Upcoming blog post to be posted soon on how much of each ingredient you can add to your recipe).

We’ll use a brown hair recipe as an example for this blog post, for a person who has shoulder length hair of average thickness.

This person would need 100 grams of total powder, and the proportions of 50% of henna, and 50% of indigo to achieve brown tones. (There are many optional ingredients that can be added to this recipe, which will be discussed in our upcoming blog post).

Third Step

Each package comes as 100 grams typically, so you’ll have to measure out half of your package of henna, and half a package of indigo.

large scale kd800 silver

Khadija personally bought the above scale from Amazon

You can also use a scale that measures grams to measure out 50 grams of henna, and 50 grams of indigo. Some clients expressed owning a weight watchers scale that they like to use.
Be sure to press tare to get your weight at 0 if you’re also using a bowl to hold the powders in. You don’t want to weigh the bowl and the powders, just the weight of the powder.

If you don’t own a scale and would prefer not to buy one, you can use measuring spoons.

Two tablespoons equal about 25 grams of powder. Do note that nuts powders (such as amla powder) are heavier then leaf powders (such as henna).

Measure out 4 tbsp of henna in 1 bowl, and in another bowl measure out 4 tbsp of indigo.

Fourth Step

Now to add and measure out your liquid(s). Every henna, and herb take a slightly differing amount of liquid as they absorb liquids differently where some need more or less then others. It’s best to slowly add your liquid a bit at a time until it becomes like pancake batter or thick creamy yoghurt.

Final Step

Now that you’ve measured, mixed, and prepared your recipe, you’re now ready to apply it to your hair. Be sure to have your gloves, towels and all of your tools handy to get started. Happy Henna’ing!

jamila henna ed hair

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