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Recommend and Used by Whitney aka Naptural85 - Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher

Posted by Khadija Dawn Carryl on 14th Sep 2020

Recommend and Used by Whitney aka Naptural85 - Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher

Sometimes you just meet people and you know, deep down, what a phenomenal, generous, caring and dope person that person is. When I met Whitney, aka Naptural85, I felt that way. 

I feel completely like myself around her. Just so at ease and like we've been friends forever. She is an amazing mom, a true OG vlogger with over 1.1 millions subscribers on her YouTube Channel Naptural85 and successful business owner of Melanin HairCare.

Did you know she loves henna?  

Some of her best DIY and Ayurvedic healthy hair care recipes have been created with shikakai powder (amazing cleanser), honey (for rich moisture), fenugreek (for hair growth and deep conditioning) and I know you've seen her used sweet potatoes on her hair!

When Whitney told me how much she loved our Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher, I was so excited!!! 

Whitney Naptural85 Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher

In her very own words:
"One of my favorite products from the Henna Sooq line is the Sweet Honey Hair Mask! It's so uniquely thick and potent, upon opening you're hit with the fragrant honey and lemongrass, which is one of my favorite soothing herbs! While applying it section by section on damp hair, you can feel the hair soften upon contact, and you can even catch a few shed hairs while you work it in. I enjoy using it as a pre-poo, so after applying, I'll throw a plastic cap over my hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Once I rinse it out, my hair feels soft to the touch and ready for my shampoo! It's an aromatic treat that I definitely recommend 10/10!"

- Whitney, Naptural85

We know you absolutely love her hair and the products she uses, so grab your Sweet Honey Hair Nourisher today before they're all gone!

You can also catch Whitney's video on when she used our Jamila Henna and Indigo to naturally color her hair and cover those pesky greys. Hands down one of my favorite henna hair coloring videos. 

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