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The Ayurvedic Method to Waist Length Hair - 6 Week Hair Regimen Course and Plan

Posted by Khadija Dawn Carryl on 7th Jul 2020

The Ayurvedic Method to Waist Length Hair - 6 Week Hair Regimen Course and Plan

In this 6 week hair regimen course, Khadija and Sarah will show you how to use raw, natural ingredients, make a hair growth oil and elixir, infuse honey into your hair regimen and methods along with the tools you'll need to growing longer hair faster.

This course includes 6 weekly hair treatments for faster, longer hair growth. I really like this collection of treatments because Sarah focuses on not only her own hair type but how to use the products and DIY treatment for all hair types and textures. In my professional opinion, this course will also be especially helpful to those with normal to delicate hair strands, low porosity hair types and relaxed hair and those who still use chemical hair treatments or dyes.

The highlights of this course include:

  • Making your own hair growth using the Moroccan Hair Tea and with other added ingredients 
  • Using the Sweet Honey Nourisher and how to customize it to create a new DIY recipe 
  • Making your own hair elixir that you can use to control flyaways and to be used any time your hair feels dry 
  • How to use the Sweet Honey Gloss bar and adding other ingredients to it to create a well balanced treatment that won't be as heavy. 
  • Using the Hibiscus Restorative Hair Mask and create an optional DIY recipe with this mask. 
  • Making a Moroccan Rhassoul Clay hair treatment infused with coconut milk and cocoa. She also shares a bonus DIY face mask using rhassoul. 
  • Sarah shows you how to apply these treatments and the tools you'll need to protect your hair from over manipulation and breakage. I love that she shares her heat cap which is amazing for hair types that need more moisture in order to create that green house affect.

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Sarah has some amazing suggestions for essential tools and items you'll need for caring for your hair while promoting it to grow without causing further breakage or avoiding over manipulating your hair. 

These are the tools and items we recommend:

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