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The Right Ayurvedic Healthy Hair Care Herbs for You

Posted by Khadija Dawn Carryl on 26th Dec 2019

The Right Ayurvedic Healthy Hair Care Herbs for You

New Year. New Goals. New Hair Focus.

Step into the world of Ayurvedic healthy hair care. It’s one that can be overwhelming because there are so many choices. In this article, I’m going to narrow it down for you. It’s much simpler then it seems. We’re also going to be focusing on Ayurvedic herbs that will not color your hair (hence, henna will not be included).

First you have to decide, what is your hair focus and goals.


Should your focus be to cleanse your hair, we highly recommend you use Shikakai powder, Soapnut Powder and Organic Cassia Obovata.
Simply mix your ayurvedic herb with warm to hot liquid and lather it in your hands. Rub gently into your hair and cleanse. Rinse out with cool to warm water. Since these powders don’t have as much slip you can add a little bit of conditioner or use our Cleansing CoWashes which are infused with Shikakai powder.
The best Ayurvedic herb for moisture and condition is hands down Aloe Vera Powder. Some people unfortunately are allergic to it.

Other great herbs and blends of herbs that work well for conditioning the hair are Goddess Hair, Organic Cassia, Zizyphus Powder and Sukesh Ayurveda.


The best moisturizing herb which is a total game changer for most, is Organic Aloe Vera powder. Just a small amount goes a long way. Only 5% is needed to a whole recipe. Unfortunately some people are allergic to aloe and luckily there are alternatives. You can use oils and butters to moisturize your Ayurvedic hair care recipes. Again, only a small amount is needed.
Tip: When creating a new recipe make sure to keep the herbs you want the most benefit from as the primary ingredient. Once you dilute with other ingredients you’ll loose the potency of the herbs you really want the most benefits from.


Stronger, longer and healthier beautiful hair, right? Absolutely! The perfect herbs for this focus would be Brahmi, Bhringraj,. Hibiscus, Sukesh, Goddess Hair, Organic Cassia and Zizyphus powder.

These are very easy to use and you can find DIY recipes right on each products individual page online at but what if you don’t want to mix these up yourself? Want to use something that is all in one and ready to use? Try The Henna Bar.


The mother of all herbs for promoting hair growth is hands downs, Amla powder. Amla is an amazing herb that can be used with conditioner, coconut milk or even within other Ayurvedic hair care recipes to help promote your hair to grow.
You’ll find all of these Ayurvedic herbs, along with classes (our new 6 week healthy hair care regimen and planner), DIY recipes, Henna TV and one on one expert advice at: Henna Sooq

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