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These 3 Easy Steps Will Give You Stronger, Thicker and Healthier Hair

Posted by Ashley - Guest Author on 20th Jun 2020

These 3 Easy Steps Will Give You Stronger, Thicker and Healthier Hair

We've created 3 easy steps to stronger, thicker, longer, healthier hair. An all in one regimen for high porosity and low porosity hair types.This regimen can be used by all hair types, all hair textures, relaxed hair and even those who use chemical hair dyes.

The practice of Ayurveda has been around for centuries. It has been practiced within Indian cultures to improve the health of their body, mind, and even their hair! Women and men have been crediting these Ayurveda herbs for transforming the health of their hair and achieving waist length hair.
The herbs are used in various hair treatments to elongate, shine, and strengthen the health of their hair. And the proof is in the results we see people achieve through how long, strong, thick, and shiny their hair can become. A great example of someone who follows an Ayurvedic hair regimen and has amazing results is our girl, Farida aka Curly Proverbz. She used to relax her hair years ago and decided to start using henna and other Ayurvedic hair herbs to maximize her hair growth and strength.

Curly Proverbz and Moroccan Henna Hair Beauty Products

If this works for this beauty, it will work for you too. Ayurvedic herbs are rich in minerals that your hair and scalp will love. It will allow the health of your hair to recover from damage and be brought to an optimally healthy condition. We always also recommend a healthy diet and to drink lots of water to assist in reaching your hair goals. Consistency is key!

Now that you have a better understanding of Ayurvedic Hair Care and have hair goals to tackle, here are 3 steps and products that will get you there. Let's do this! 


This mask is infused with herbs that have been blended with eucalyputus globulous, lemon and rosemary essential oils to improve the health of your scalp and stimulate your roots to grow. It's ready to use (no liquid is needed).
The key ingredients that will help your scalp are found in this mask infused with cassia, brahmi, bhringraj, shikakai, neem and aloe vera powders. In this contains medicinal properties of our scalp since they are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal. The minerals from this blend can penetrate the deepest layer of the scalp to heal it. It will nourish the scalp so that it can fight off or prevent certain scalp issues such as dandruff, psoriasis, or even slow growth.
For best results, you can massage the blend into your scalp to increase blood circulation for better absorption of the minerals into your scalp.

Sukesh Ayurveda for Hair


Sukesh Ayurveda is a blend of various Ayurvedic herbs including cassia, neem, aloe vera, amla, brahmi, bhringraj, shikakai, and tulsi. The blend is a powerful combination for the health of your hair. Each herb is rich in minerals and vitamins that your hair and scalp need. The Brahmi contains “triterpenes” and “alkaloids”. Triterpenes contain “asiatic acid” which is needed for collagen synthesis and production. The alkaloids will bind the proteins to the cortex of the hair strand.
Thus, keeping your hair stronger, thicker, and fuller. The Bhringraj found in Sukesh Ayurveda is rich in proteins. The protein can transfer to your hair strands and fill in any gaps along it. The gaps may have occurred from over manipulation, heat, or chemicals that have broken down the protective layer of each strand.

Henna Gloss Bar for Hair


The Henna Gloss Bar is hands down one of our most popular treatments loved by many. 
The henna gloss bar contains shea butter, which is great for moisturizing, henna for strengthening the hair, hibiscus to strengthen and add shine, marshmallow root to soften, detangle, nourish and much more.
The key ingredient of the gloss bar is the henna. Unlike the other ingredients, henna does not penetrate the hair shaft it actually binds to it. It acts as another layer of protection along your hair shaft.

Since our hair is made up of 90% protein, regular protein treatments such as this Henna Gloss Bar is necessary. Please note that the Henna Gloss Bar may deposit color and leave a slight reddish tint on the hair. Should you nto want to color your hair please use another regimen bundle that does not contain henna, that we have available here: Hair Regimen Bundles.

We've chosen these 3 products to effectively help you reach your hair goals in this very simple Ayurvedic hair regimen and bundle.

Our Henna Strengthening Ayurvedic Hair Regime Bundle is your all in one kit that's, ready to use. The products work hand in hand in repairing the hair shaft so that they are fuller and stronger. With consistency through using these products for 3 weeks (and possibly up to 6 weeks), you will see the results you're aiming for. This bundle also comes with gloves and handmade soap.

Henna Hair Strengthening 3 Week Hair Care Bundle

Please note when choosing a method, do keep track of what’s working and what isn’t using our Henna Hair Color and Ayurvedic Healthy Hair Care Journal and Planner. Here are a few ways you can use this regimen.

Method 1 - High Porosity and Normal Hair

Week 1 - Prepare your Sukesh Ayurveda by mixing it with warm to hot distilled water and/or coconut milk or another liquid of your choice. Place it on the side as you wash your hair with our hair wash or shampoo bars. Apply this treatment on damp hair strands and leave it in your hair for at least 30-60 minutes. Rinse it out with our cleansing cowash. Dry, moisturize and style as usual.

Week 2 - Following the directions on the package, use our Henna Gloss Bar for a deep conditioning treatment (you might use half a bar to a full bar depending on your hair). Ideally prewash your hair and wash it out with our cleansing cowash. Leave this on for 1-2 hours. Dry, moisturize and style as usual.

Week 3 - Following the directions on the package, use our Ayurvedic Scalp + Root Mask. Ideally prewash your hair and wash it out with our cleansing cowash. Leave this on for 1-2 hours. Dry, moisturize and style as usual.

Method 2 - Low Porosity Hair, Dry Hair and/or Fine Hair Strands

Week 1 - Use our Henna Gloss Bar as a pre-poo treatment. Take half the bar and use as directed on the package. Leave this treatment in your hair for at least 2 hours. Ideally use a steamer for low porosity and dry hair. Rinse out with cool water to seal in moisture and close cuticles and pores. Dry, moisturize and style as usual.

Week 2 - Using the Sukesh Ayurveda, take half the package (50 grams) and add your favorite hair butter and/or hair oil and/or coconut milk and/or conditioner. Mix very well. Apply onto washed, damp hair strands and allow to stay in your hair at least 2 hours. Rinse out with cool water to seal in moisture and close cuticles and pores. Dry, moisturize and style as usual.

Week 3 - Using the other half of your Henna Gloss Bar use as directed in Week 1. Once you’ve completed your pre-poo treatment apply the Ayurvedic Scalp + Root Mask and leave that in for at least 1-2 hours for best results.Rinse out with cool water to seal in moisture and close cuticles and pores. Dry, moisturize and style as usual.

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