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Red Tones


Your Hair Color

What You'll Need:





Moroccan Henna

Copper Copper Light Copper Light Copper

Red Raj*

Rich Red Rich Red Rich Red Rich Red

Rajasthani Indian Henna

Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy Burgundy

Fresh Jamila

Soft Red Soft Red Soft Red Soft Red

Jamila for Hair

Orange-Red Very Soft Red Very Soft Red Very Soft Red

30% Henna + 70% Cassia

Limited Change**  Limited Change** 

50% Henna + 50% Cassia

 Copper  Copper Limited Change**  Limited Change** 

70% Henna + 30% Cassia

Deep Copper  Deep Copper   Slight Deep Copper Slight Deep Copper 
Say goodbye to grey hair! Lasts 4-6 weeks.
*for highly resistant greys and hair and contains highest dye content
**very little to any change in color




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Fresh Moroccan Henna Powder


OUT OF STOCK. ETA 12/6/19 Indulge yourself with our professional body art grade Moroccan henna powder freshly imported from Morocco's Western Sahara region. This powder is milled and sifted by hand with the women's cooperative in Morocco. Often sought...

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Hair Coloring Kit


Everything you need for your hair coloring and ayurvedic hair recipe and a case! These tools can be used for both hair coloring and ayurvedic hair treatments.  This kit includes: Reusable Bowl 1/2" Dye Brush 1/4" Dye Brush 3-in-1 Coloring...

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Henna Gloss Bar


WARNING! High Heat Index. Purchase at your own risk during HIGH HEAT. Product may melt and we will NOT be issuing replacements or refunds. Handmade with organic ingredients. Our Henna Gloss Bar is the perfect all in one moisturizer, and...

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Red Henna Hair Color
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Red Raj


Coming soon! Out of stock until ETA 11/27/2019 Try a Color Sample Our amazing Red Raj henna powder with luscious rich red tones. Lawsone Content 3.29% This special batch is produced by specially selected USDA ORGANIC henna leaves rich in lawsone...

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