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Fresh Jamila Henna Powder 2020

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Indulge yourself with our professional grade Jamila henna powder freshly imported from Pakistan's Sindh and Punjab provinces. With its perfect sift and dark staining quality you will have a perfect paste for any type of applicator. It makes a super rich, and creamy henna paste.

Our Jamila Henna Powder also has an incredible lawsone dye content: 2.7%

We love Jamila henna powder because:

  • it's our speciality body art henna powder
  • rich red tones
  • easily washes out of hair
  • strengthens
  • loosens curl pattern
  • thicker hair
  • protects your hair from the elements
  • reduces split ends
  • helps and heals HFS clients (those suffering from hand foot syndrome)
  • gets rid of dandruff
  • kills lice

Jamila Henna Powder Summer Crop 2020




Download Instructions:


Jamila needs 3-4 hours for dye release for hair use, and 12-24 hours for body art use.

How much you will need depends on your hair length, and thickness. This will give you a generally idea of how much you’ll need for 1 application:

Above ear length: 50-75 grams

Shoulder length: 100-125 grams

Bra strap length or mid-back: 150-175 grams

Lower back (above hips): 200 to 225 grams

Hip/Waist length: 250 to 300 grams

Stevie's regimen and recipe: "I have been coloring my hair “red” with all natural henna for almost 6 years now. I used to have dirty blond going brown hair and it was always a long tangled mess (my hair used to be a little more than half way down my back). Now my hair is so soft and shiny, plus I love the color. The shade and brightness of color depend on how long I leave it in as well the lighting of the day. .

-Use 2 boxes of henna powder. Typically Jamila. -Mix boiling water into powder until brownie batter consistency. -Mix in 3-5 drops of Lavender essential oil. -Leave to cool between 45 mins -1 hour. -With gloves I apply to head in handfuls starting at the roots and covering them as best as possible while moving to the ends. -Pile all hair on top of head and wipe off any excess from skin on forehead, ears, neck… -Wrap with plastic cap and let sit for 3-4 hours minimum."


18 Reviews

  • Easy to use henna

    Posted by Alyjah on 9th Aug 2020

    This is one of the first brands of Henna that I ever used and still one of my favorites so I was happy to see it in stock Henna Sooq . It’s very easy to mix, apply, and rinse out

  • Best Ever

    Posted by Jamillah on 7th Aug 2020

    OMG my hair looks so good no lie my hair had 85% grey in it I put this in my hair after following the instruction and I'm telling you my hair has transformed I'm so happy I got this from HennaSooq trust me I will buy again

  • Nothing but natural goodness

    Posted by Bernice Muldrow on 5th May 2019

    Love this product!!

  • Jamila Henna Powder

    Posted by Christanna S. on 2nd Jan 2019

    I have purchased and used the product twice on my hair. I was so pleased with the color results on my grey hairs, I decided not to apply Indigo.

  • Love the color

    Posted by Judy Diaz on 13th Sep 2018

    I used this on my salt and pepper hair. I have 85% gray. I didn’t want to do a 2 step and darken my hair but I wanted red hair. I prepped the henna with hibiscus tea and ACV for 6 hours and put it on right before bed. I slept in it for 7 hours. In the morning rinsed it out. The gray hair took to a beautiful copper color that matched beautifully with my darker hair. I didn’t shampoo it for 4 days just rinsed it with water. It darkened a little and came out so pretty. I wanted to be a red head. It is so natural looking. It looks like I had copper highlights put in my hair. I love it. My package arrived quickly and I am assured that it is natural and a good quality product. My son is half Moroccan and is begging me to henna his hair too as his grandmother did it when she visited from Morocco. I am a customer for life.

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