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Goddess Henna Paste - 4 Piece Kit

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The beautiful traditional art of henna and jagua starts with this kit.

Visualize this: begin with the burning of white sage. The smoke and ambiance fills the room. You take out your cones and  apply beautiful art onto your skin and body. Best when used with friends.

This kit includes: 1 henna paste cone, 1 jagua paste cone, 1 bottle of lemon sugar spray sealant and 1 stick of white sage.

Quantities: cones are 12 grams each and spray sealant is 1 oz


Important: When you receive your cones, use immediately, and/or put remaining paste into your freezer. This is a perishable product. Cones are only good for up to 6 months from date of purchase.

Warning: Do not use if you are allergic to berries or latex.



Gently cut the tip of your cone with a very small hole and check the flow of your cone. If needed cut a little more to enlarge the hole. Apply the past and allow to dry. Once dry, which takes 15-20 minutes then spray the lemon sugar sealant lightly but thoroughly onto the henna design. Then allow the design to remain on the skin for 3-4 hours. Upon removing the paste use our Henna Care Balm to ensure the best results. Stain will take up to 48 hours to reach full color. Please store henna and cones cones in freezer when not in use. The cones are perishable. Store lemon sugar sealant in fridge.

1 Review

  • Impressed!

    Posted by Halima, The Henna Lady on 22nd Jul 2020

    As an experienced henna artist. I wanted to try something new and decided to try Henna Sooq's paste. Holy Henna Batman! Shut the front henna door! I did a practice design on my hand of Henna Sooq's ready made paste.
    After removing the paste after only 15 minutes and then actually washing my hands during the day, I still had a beautiful dark design on my hand four hours later. I am impressed. The jagua and sage get 5 stars. Definitely will reorder more. Thank you Khadijah!

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