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Henna Artisan Body Art Kit

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Special Offer. Every henna body art kit order includes a free full color henna design book
(valued up to $20)

For the artist in you.

This kit can create approximately 30 small-medium sized henna tattoos.
Henna body art tattoos last 10-14 days.

This kit contains:

  • 50 grams of our exclusive Supreme Blend Henna Powder
  • 5ml bottle of our Red Raj Bliss Blend essential oil
  • 50 grams of fructose sugar
  • 1 jacquard applicator bottle with 1 metal tip (size .5mm)
  • 1 hand rolled cone with elastic band
  • 20 alcohol wipes
  • 1 2oz empty spray bottle
  • 1 carrot bag
  • 1 henna tool kit
  • 2 full pages of henna designs 
  • Instructions and recipe
  • Comes with zipper pouch



How to make Our Henna Paste:

Essential ingredients:

Fresh body art quality henna powder that is finely sifted (please read our article on the times needed for dye release). Bottled lemon juice, warm water or tea brew. 100% pure essential oils, such as eucalyptus globulus, cajeput, or tea tree or lavender (also known as terps). Fructose.

Measuring the henna powder. Take 2 tbsp of henna powder (about 25 grams of henna), and put it into a bowl. Add 1 tsp of fructose, and mix well.

Adding the lemon juice/water/tea brew. Heat your liquid (about 1/4 cup) on the stove or in your microwave, and add it slowly to your henna powder. Mix well until it is the consistency of play dough/ mashed potatoes. Cover your bowl and let it sit for 2-12 hours (depending on henna powder chosen).

Adding essential oil. Then add 1-1.5 tsp of “terps” (essential oil). Cover again and let it sit for another 6-12 hours. Please make sure to read the article on how to choose the right henna powder for body art as it explains how different henna powders have different sitting periods to achieve proper dye release.

Testing the paste. Test your henna paste periodically by placing a bit of paste onto your palm and let it sit for 1 minute. Remove the paste by washing off, and see if you have a bright pumpkin orange stain indicating that it is ready to use.

Second round of lemon juice/water. Add more lemon juice/water (not warmed up) a little at a time and mix well. Do this until you have it to the consistency of toothpaste.

Additional Tips

Straining your henna paste makes it extra smooth. You can do this by taking a large cup and placing a carrot bag inside, and then putting a cheap nylon stocking inside that. You then pour the henna paste into the stocking’s opening and pull the stocking through the carrot bag. That way, the henna paste is forced to come through the nylon stocking into the carrot bag. It will be extremely smooth and you won’t have any clogs in your fine tips or cones. What is also good about this method is that, once the henna paste is in the carrot bag, you can easily use that to fill all your applicators up. Test your henna paste for dye release as well. Read our article: How to Test your Henna Paste for Dye Release. Please do read our aftercare article on taking care of your henna design, to ensure best results.


10 Reviews

  • loved this kit

    Posted by amber on 11th Aug 2015

    I really loved the kit, the components themselves could have beena bit more useful in some ways but the essentials were there for me, and plenty of them. Easy to use, very enjoyable, will purchase again

  • all you need here is the powder.

    Posted by Miranda Lavigne on 31st May 2014

    I found that with a bit of research that the only thing you really need to order online to get started with henna is the powder. the cones can be made out of clear wrapping paper (the kind used to wrap up a gift basket or something) which you can buy at the dollar store. i found essential oils can be bought in local pharmacies or health food stores (for as little as 11 dollars for 30 ml). and obviously you can get your tea or lemon juice and or cloves at your grocerie store. this cuts down costs and also i had no need for that needle thing as i rolled my own cones before i got the kit in the mail and just made sure they were tight enough by watching vdeos online. all in all my first henna experience was great, i just wished that i ordered from someone in canada and that i knew what i know now because i could have had 400 grams of powder to play with for the same price as this kit and everything else would have cost just over twenty bucks at the most to purchase around town. i think everyone who would love to do this should know this.

    HS Reply: Thank you for your review. You can purchase individual items from us or locally if you prefer from Henna Sooq Canada at in the future. We hope this helps.

  • Awesome

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2013

    Exactly as i expected! Thanks so much :)

  • Everything I needed

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2013

    This kit is great and it contains everything I needed to get started. I really like the applicator bottle with the metal tip but have yet to try the cone, so we'll see if that works even better. Also, the ability to pick up locally was great since my main 'client' is my 5 year old daughter, so no waiting for shipment!

  • I LOVE IT.

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2013

    i'm really happy that i bought this product, i mean it works GREAT. i followed the directions and after eight hours, i used it on myself. i slept with it on to make it darker and my cousins saw it! they were like, OOH GIVE ME ONE! i even gave my boy cousins flowers and all that. haha, overall it's great!

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