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Hypafix Tape

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Hypafix is perfect aftercare for ensuring long lasting, dark henna stains.
This tape is both breathable and flexible.


You can conveniently leave your design on for longer periods of time comfortably. There will no longer be any flakes of henna paste falling off too early or into a mess.

Henna Sooq exclusively uses Hypafix on our clients. We have found this superior to other medical tapes we've tried such as Mefix and fabric medical tapes.

We recommend hypafix especially so for areas that require more staining time such as back pieces, prenanal belly art, bridal clients, and for nail henna applications.



You'll receive 1 roll of hypafix that is: 15 cm X 2 metres (approx. 5.9 inches X 2.1 yards)



Apply henna, and allow to dry. This may take from 15-20 minutes or more depending on how thick the design is. Please make sure design is full dry before using hypafix. You can also spray lemon-sugar while it dries.

When ready cut the piece of tape from the hypafix roll that you'll need to cover the design. Place stick side onto henna design and fully cover.

Leave on for at least 3-4 hours or overnight for best results.

9 Reviews

  • Best thing ever

    Posted by Tiffany Sugiyama-Bakrim on 15th Apr 2016

    Seriously the best thing ever!! And a game changer for keeping life going with henna.

  • The Answer to Your Henna Prayers

    Posted by Jolene Twombly-Wiser on 20th Mar 2015

    While pricey, this stuff is a godsend! Stretchy, super sticky, light, and peels off gently. If you want to maximize the life of your henna, and avoid the mess of flaking, I highly recommend it! Worth every penny!

  • This stuff is awesome!

    Posted by Niki on 2nd Aug 2013

    A while ago, when I first got into Henna, I had some issues with my paste. After talking with the ladies here at Hennasooq I was able to sort out all my issues, order some supplies and then create some good work. Well in my order they threw in a little scrap piece of the Hypafix and to be honest I got a little busy and put aside the henna altogether. Well, recently I got back into it and came across the scrap I had totally forgot. And it came in sooo useful! I was testing my new paste on my little cousin who is suuuuuper hyper and I couldn't believe I got her to sit for long enough to do the henna, no less the wait time and to keep her from picking the paste after dry. Then it dawned on me that I had this little piece... lucky for me it was the perfect size! It went right over the design once dry and she got to resume her normal kid play activities without having to worry. I don't know WHAT I would have done without it! Thank you for that little piece and Now I must go buy some! If you are unsure, just take the chance! It is well worth the money and time saved over worrying about the design, especially if you are a night owl like me, finding myself doing henna at 3 am with sleep following closely :)

  • A MUST HAVE for any henna artist!

    Posted by Domineke on 18th May 2012

    This stuff is a real life saver! Forget having to wrap your designs in toilet paper, and have it smudge or get wrecked... this stuff is soooo great! Just cut to size, peel off backing and apply over 'dry' henna design. It's medical grade and leaves no irritation, and is breathable. I just got my first roll and I'm already thinking about ordering another one so I do not run out! Don't think twice about it, just buy! lol You'll thank me later ;- )

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