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Jagua Gel

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Our jagua gel is like none other being super creamy and smooth, making it very easy to use. Achieve blue-black designs naturally with our jagua body art gel and create long lasting jagua tattoos. 

We recommend to be used with our jagua gel:

Designs will last 10-14 days

Please read MORE INFO tab for storage and care information

Ingredients: genipa americana, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, lavender essential oil
Naturally forming chemical constituents: D mannitol, cabohydrates, tartaric acid, genipic acid, hydantoin, caffeine, calcium.
Important: Always do a test patch of jagua gel (and henna products) to ensure you're not allergic to jagua. Place a dime amount of jagua gel on your inner arm, and allow to remain on skin for 2-3 hours. Wash off with warm soapy water. Wait 4-5 hours before proceeding.
Jagua gel is a very strong dye. Do not do second applications on top of older jagua designs until the first application has completely faded.



Squeeze the amount needed for use into your applicator bottle or cone. Be sure to squeeze out excess air. This is a perishable product and will only last a few days at room temperature. Can be refrigerated for 7-10 days. We highly recommend jagua gel be stored in the freezer for longer periods of time. You can store your remaining jagua gel ink in the freezer and this will extend the jagua stain for up to one year. The jagua ink gel can be frozen and thawed several times as you need to refill your applicator bottle as needed. While in storage be sure to squeeze out any excess air. Excess air exposure will quickly lead to the demise of the staining strength of your jagua gel. Apply jagua gel onto skin, and allow to dry. Drying time can take 20-30 minutes. Leave on skin for 2 hours. Wash off with warm, soapy water. Design will be very light at first. Please allow 12-24 hours for color to full peak to a reach blue-black tone.

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