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Use Jagua to achieve a natural black or blue-black staining body art design without the harsh chemicals typically found in other black henna products/brands. 

Black Henna Jagua Paste Cones (3)
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Black Henna Jagua Paste Cones (3)


Rich, dark staining jagua paste cones made with cold-pressed jagua juice. Naturally achieve black temporary body art tattoos with our Jagua Paste cones. Chemical free!  Comes as set of 3 freshly made jagua cones (also called hengua paste). 3...

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Jagua Gel


This product only ships Mondays through Wednesdays (this is perishable) Our jagua gel is like none other being super creamy and smooth, making it very easy to use. Achieve blue-black designs naturally with our jagua body art gel and create long...

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