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Luer Lock Bottle with 3 Plastic Tips

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Luer Lock applicator system can be used for:

  • applying henna paste
  • body glue
  • glitter gel

This set comes with your choice of 1/2 oz, 1 oz or 2 oz bottle. You receive all 3 plastic tips and caps.

Please note: These tips and bottles are not interchangable with the jacquard bottles and applicator system. 




3 Reviews

  • Item as described

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2018

    Item arrive well wrapped to prevent damage during shipment, the bottle is soft but not to soft and came with different sized tips

  • A New Application Method

    Posted by Henna by Brenna on 15th Aug 2013

    For my first two and a half years of doing henna body art, I used coning as my method of application, but this year I decided to try something new- I wanted more consistent lines as well as the ability to change my line size mid-design, and the Luer Lock Bottle did not disappoint.
    I had some trouble adjusting to the shape and tension of the bottle, and the tips seem to clog sometimes, but I'm sure those are just minor kinks that can be worked out with time :)

  • Drip bubble and spill.

    Posted by JoAnn Abbott on 3rd Jun 2012

    I put an ounce of glue into the luer lock, chose the medium sized hole, and placed it upright in the bag of glitter to go to a show. the slightest tipping and the water-like glue comes out and gets in the covering cap on the tip; there is no way to seal the bottle when the glue is in it, so I will need to travel with the luer bottle empty and remember to bring the larger contained to store the glue in. I suspect the glue would be prone to drying up if kept in the luer lock bottle.
    When using the glue, its thin consistency caused it to run out very quickly and it would drip. it also tended to form bubbles at the tip, which would make a larger area suddenly get covered when doing freehand designs. It took a while to dry because of the difficulties I had with getting a consistant flow. I will try the finest hole today and see if it will be easier to use with that.
    The dried glue with glitter will last for a week, I did like the staying power of it.

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