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Organic Brahmi Powder

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Our Organic Brahmi powder is a an excellent Ayurvedic healthy hair herb used for:

  • strengthening the roots of your hair 
  • makes the hair denser, long, shiny and dark toned
  • controls dandruff
  • reduces premature greying
  • helps reduce the amount of hair loss
  • perfect herb to add to the natural hair regimen of someone who has scalp and hair issues

We recommend you store this herb and all Ayurvedic herbs in a cool dark place, or your freezer.

This herb comes packages by 100 gram packages.

Ingredients: bacopa monnieri (brahmi) powder*

*organical ingredient

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.





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Recommended methods of using this herb:

You can make a hot water infusion with this herb, and other ayurvedic herbs such as shikakai, amla, brahmi, and others of your choice. Steep them for about 3-4 minutes, and then strain. Use the liquid as a hair rinse after you shampoo and/or condition your hair. Rinse it all out really well. This is best used directly in the shower as it can run. You can also leave this in if you wrap it tightly with a shower cap. Leave this in for about 30 minutes to an hour When using your favorite conditioner, you can make an ayurvedic herbal gloss. Apply this all over your hair, by sections and then place a shower cap on, or saran wrap. Leave this on for 30 minutes to an hour.

Prepare this herb as a paste (you can add any other ayurvedic herbs as you’d like), and use it in place of your shampoo. This paste cane be made with a tea brew, or just warm water. You can then wash it out, and then condition (deep, leave in conditioner depending on your hair type) afterwards.

Create an amazing hair oil infusion. You can add 2 parts of your favorite hair oils, to one part of herbs of your choice. Allow to steep naturally for at least 4-5 days or more depending on the herbs you use. Some herbs are tougher, and need more fusion time, such as horsetail. If you’d like to speed it up, and we use this method personally, is use a crock pot to allow the oil and herbs to steep at warm temperature for 24-36 hours. Then turn it off, and allow it to sit for another 24-36 hours. Strain in a nylon stocking. I let this actually hang, and slowly drip for the next 24 hours. The I squeeze what I can out afterwards (from out of the stocking). I then pour the oil infusion into an applicator bottle, or squeeze bottle. Keep this stored in a cool, dark place.

27 Reviews

  • great

    Posted by Dee C. on 4th Mar 2015

    Love love this with amla powder....great conditoner and even better strengthener.

  • Red Rahj

    Posted by Carol Hinton on 26th Feb 2015

    This product is incredible, and was the beginning for me to invest in beautiful hair products. I love everything about this and the scent is somewhat refreshing, did not bother me at all. The scent actually smelled clean and wholesome. Red Rajh allowed my hair to become what I have needed to see and enjoy, still critiquing it, and getting used to the different natural products. I love the color and the texture. I still need temple growth and was wondering if anyone has a solution to this. Overall, my hair is Natural and more Beautiful than it has ever been and I am embracing all of this beauty. Thank you all for all of your beautiful products.

  • Great product for scalp conditions!

    Posted by W.Maria on 25th Sep 2014

    I have been using this product for about 2 weeks and I see such an improvement in my scalp condition. I mix brahmi with amla powder then add water and a teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil. I part my hair and apply the paste to my problem areas on my scalp first then I apply it to my hair. I leave it on for 30 min to an hour then I rinse well and proceed to cleanse my hair with the Mad Moisture shampoo bar followed by a generous deep condition. My scalp feels very refreshed! I love this!!

  • Amazement!

    Posted by Huglori on 9th May 2014

    I want to thank Henna Sooq for such wonderful products, and especially the suggested uses and recipes included in my order. I am beyond amazed by the results I achieved this week combining Shikakai, Brahmi, Red Raj, and Organic Aloe Vera powders in an herbal gloss treatment (my first multi-herb concoction!). *I say “amazed” about a hundred times in this review!*

    My “recipe”: 2 tbsp each of Shikakai, Brahmi, and Red Raj, and 1 tbsp of the Aloe Vera. I made a watery paste using peach herbal tea, and then added several squirts of apricot kernel oil and an unknown amount of Herbal Essences conditioner for color treated hair. I didn’t measure the conditioner; I just squeezed it into the mixture until the paste thickened up. I was afraid of my gray hairs becoming bright Bozo red, so I only let the mixture sit in a covered container for about an hour in the warm laundry room. Using my fingers (well covered in the purple nitrile gloves), I applied the gloss to my hair in four sections, making smaller partings with my fingers as I went along. I two-strand twisted each of the four sections after applying the gloss.

    After the twists were done, I wrapped my hair in clear plastic wrap, a clear shower cap, and finally an old t-shirt. The mixture sat in my hair for a little over 4 hours. It rinsed very quickly in the shower without a lot of color splatter that I’m used to from past henna sessions. I applied a generous amount of Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner, a bit more apricot kernel oil, and several pumps of Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion, then combed it all through. I set my hair on large rollers and sat under a hooded dryer for exactly 1 hour. *I’m explaining all of this for a reason!* I removed the hair rollers and began to blow dry my hair, which was still slightly damp at the roots. I was trying to get my roots as smooth as possible. Lastly, I flat ironed my hair and trimmed the ends.

    The first thing I noticed when I was done styling my hair was that the gloss didn’t really cover my gray hair which is sprinkled along my hairline in front and down the middle of my head. They looked slightly blondish, but that was it. My hair already had a burgundy red rinse in from 2 months ago and didn’t look much different overall, i.e. no bright red highlights. I only used 2 tbsp of the Red Raj and perhaps combining it with the Brahmi darkened the color considerably, too. However, today two days later, the red highlights are much, much brighter.

    HOWEVER, the most important result was that my scalp is not dry and flaky. *Amazement* I have had MAJOR dry scalp problems from the time I was a child. I’ve used medicated shampoos, specialty “natural” shampoos, and I’ve also hennaed many times before, but NOTHING has ever banished my dry scalp (dry scalp, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, who knows?) until now. After I wash or condition my hair, every time while my scalp is still damp you can see flaky skin. ALWAYS. But not after this treatment! I parted and sectioned my hair and couldn’t find ONE flake anywhere! I did not grease my scalp. I applied the products just as described and haven’t added any more oil or other product to my hair since Wednesday evening. This is especially amazing to me because after sitting under a hot dryer for an hour, my scalp has ALWAYS been tight, itchy, and flaky. I parted my hair and checked again yesterday and today and my scalp is CLEAN and CLEAR. I honestly feel like crying. I have had so much embarrassment from this flaky, itchy scalp all my life (40 years) and to think this combination worked so well, so quickly and by using such a small amount of product, just makes my heart sing.

    I will definitely continue purchasing these herbs from Henna Sooq. I feel like I found a magic potion! I’m going to apply more mixture this weekend. I popped my container in the freezer as recommended in the instructions. I hope that I’ll find a recipe to use on my face, which stays dry and flaky too. I love Henna Sooq!

  • shiny results

    Posted by Michele Clark on 17th Nov 2013

    I love this product, so relaxing as a hot treatment. Hair has never been shinier.

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