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Pre-cut Cellophane Triangles

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Our cellophane pre-cut triangles are perfect for:

  • use as henna applicator
  • applicator for glitter gel

Designs and color of triangles will vary. Sorry no selection available. 




Please watch our video on how to roll your own cone.


5 Reviews

  • Precut triangles

    Posted by Mary Anna on 16th Nov 2020

    I started ordering these because the prerolled cones I would buy from this website were AWEFULLY made and I would only be able to use about half that I ordered. When I ordered this time I recieved breast cancer patterns... it's almost December and the hospitals in my area have lawsuits against them. Also I'm not religious and it has religious text all over them. I order from here CONSTANTLY because I run a business. They still refused to just exchange them for new patterns and I ORDERED 25 OF THEM

    HS Reply: Our precut triangles and our filled cones we do not offer choices in designs nor do we offer exchanges. This is in the product description and in our shipping/return policy. The precut triangles represent hope for those going through breast cancer and is not exclusive to just the month of October. Women are going through this all year round. The hospitals in your area have nothing to do with what women have to fight for every day when they are battling cancer. It doesn't make their struggle any less. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

  • Perfectly Cut

    Posted by Nikesha Wilson on 22nd Nov 2017

    I purchased a set of 25 triangles. They are cut perfectly and are so easy to use. They're not made of the hard cellophane. They are made soft enough to manipulate, roll, and handle. Love these!

  • Easy

    Posted by Jacci on 7th May 2017

    Easy to use. We taped the seams of the cones after we rolled them, put the henna in and folded the tops over and taped them down to contain the henna. Worked great! I've been washing and reusing them.

  • Not worth the 1.25

    Posted by Camille on 5th Jun 2013

    while i was not expecting them to be the same color as the picture i was at least expecting them to be cut straight and packaged nicely.

    Henna Sooq reply: We're so sorry to hear you experienced this with these defective triangles. Please do let us know at [email protected] for any damaged in your products and packaging and we'd gladly replace them and fix this error.

  • Helpful

    Posted by Rachel on 11th Aug 2012

    I bought the precut cones since I had never worked with cones before and did not know what size and material to use. Now that I have used hennasooqs thought I may start cutting my own just to save money.

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