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Soapnut Powder

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Our soapnut powder (sapindus mukorossi) are our earth's natural cleansers.

For hair use:

  • natural shampoo
  • helps prevent hair loss
  • adds body and volume to hair
  • gentle foamy cleanser
  • clean your hair brushes and combs

This herb can be added to your ayurvedic recipes and also to any of your DIY hair recipes. 

Quantity 100 grams

Crop Feb 2018




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7 Reviews

  • Best Natural Shampoo

    Posted by Poteet on 16th Mar 2018

    Love how clean this gets my hair without stripping! Hair is also stronger, less shedding and growing like crazy!

  • I will try again

    Posted by Tynnetta Muhammad on 20th Feb 2017

    So, when I used this I used more shikakai than Soap nuts but I want to try again with equal amounts of both powders and a little amla and marshmallow root (because I have kinky/coily hair). After boiling I will put in the blender to get this to suds up. I noticed the shampoo cleaned better when it was foamy versus watery. So my advice would be for people to put this in the blender to get it to fully foam. You can also soak the herbs in water overnight for a stronger shampoo

  • Great Quality, amazing cleanser

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Jul 2014

    I've been using Aritha mixed in equal parts with shikakai and then a bit of brahmi and methi (fenugreek) powder to cleanse for years and HennaSooq has the best Aritha. The texture is very smooth and helps to rinse easily. I read another review that was disappointed in not having directions. Try my recipe which is pretty basic and based on Indian treatments: 3 tbsp each shikakai and aritha, 1 tbsp each brahmi and methi. Add enough boiling water to make a runny paste. Let sit 30 mins, add ess oils if you want. I add this to dry pre-pooed hair, wrap in plastic and rinse in an hour, then DT as usual. For more pronouced cleaning you can co-wash first and then add the paste to towel dried hair, cover in plastic and leave 30 mins. It doesn't bubble, but I use this as my monthly "deep clean" as that I only co-wash otherwise.

  • It was okay.....

    Posted by Kathy on 21st Nov 2013

    I used this as a hair cleanser, and it was okay i wasnt to impressed it did clean my hair "somewhat" its not very sudsy and kind of wasteful if not put on correctly i didnt like that there was no info on the bag on how to use it, no directions or nothing......will not be buying again.

  • Another Wonderful and Gentle hair Cleanser

    Posted by Justice Jones on 13th Mar 2013

    This cleanser is so wonderful.... it not only leaves the hair very soft but it gives lots of body and adds lots of volume and shine. I used it with other Ayurvedic powders as well and the results were SURPERB....I'm getting another job just to keep all of my Henna Sooq staple products which definitely includes this this one as well as the others. I'm addicted.

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