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Zizyphus + Moringa Hair Mask

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Zizyphus + Moringa Hair Mask

This mask thickens hair strands, adds nourishing moisture and promotes hair growth. Infused with 5 Ayurvedic herbs your hair will love.

  • Zizyphus - Thickens Hair Strands⁠
  • Moringa - Boosts Keratin Production⁠
  • Amla - Promotes Hair Growth⁠
  • Fenugreek - Moisture and Slip⁠
  • Ashwagandha - Stimulates DHEA (antioxidant)⁠ 

Quantity: 8 oz

1 Use (shoulder length hair)
No water and no mixing necessary.

Ingredients: distilled water, organic zizyphus, organic moringa, organic amla, organic fenugreek, organic ashwagandha, optiphen. 

At Henna Sooq, we bring you henna and Ayurvedic hair care using only the best, raw and natural ingredients for healthier hair. Made with love

Perishable. Please keep all Henna Bar Collection of pre-mixed masks in freezer until ready to use. Can be frozen for up to 12 months. Thaw at room temperature 1-2 hours before use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. 





Directions: Ready to use. Prewash hair with our Hair Wash. Apply onto dry or damp cleansed hair by sections. Allow to stay in the hair for at least 1-2 hours. Using our CoWash thoroughly rinse out hair mask. Moisturize, dry and style as usual.

8 Reviews

  • Very surprised.

    Posted by LizOmen on 2nd May 2022

    I bought this mask and another mask that needed water added to it. I thought i would have liked the other one better. But this one made my hair feel soooo nice. When I went to use the other one it did not feel as nice. I have long hair and used the whole bag.

  • Zizphus Moringa Hair Mask

    Posted by Valeria on 22nd Nov 2021

    I can't honestly say this is the best product because they are all the best to me and for my hair. My hair has been very thin since 2017 or 2018. I had multiple operations from 2015 when I was literally hours away from death. God saved me and gave me the best surgeon. So between God and my surgeon, they both saved my life. But with that said, the aesthesia from 6 operations from 2015 to 2017 destroyed my hair. Doctors will tell you the aesthesia has nothing to do with your hair but they lied. It has everything to do with damaging your hair. Then one day I found Henna Sooq. Again, another God send. What else could it be? This Herbs were created by the great Creator him self and this is just why my hair is thriving. Thank you Henna Sooq. Thank you for putting us in touch with you. My hair is now showing signs of thickness and it's becoming so strong and healthy. Henna Sooq is the GEM OF ALL GEMS. Khadija is a gifted genius. She has given us women just what we need and then some. Thank you ever so my Khadija, your just a beautiful lady. Thank you.

  • Zizyphus and moringa mask

    Posted by Tamiko on 21st Nov 2021

    This mask made great difference in my thin long hair. It made very defined curls, it added desperately needed moisture, it gives a long lingering great smell in my hair. Is confusing for me to mix ingredients this is already done ready to use. I rinsed it out with lots of water and at the end used a little bit of the orange cowash to help detangle my hair then rinse it out more. It was great. Unlike the Scalp Root Stimulating Mask it was way too strong too many essential oiIs. I don't have problems with my scalp is good but I thought I would experiment or use a scalp treatment. Anyhow it is definitely not for me. It was too scary for me.

  • Watery

    Posted by Tsmooth on 6th Oct 2021

    I found this to be very watery. I wrapped my head with Saran Wrap to try and keep the product on. I did not add powder to it, I used it as the instructions stated. I love Henna Sooq but I have to pass on this product.

  • Not sure how to use

    Posted by Aneela on 26th Aug 2021

    I was so excited to use this product but it did it cling to my hair. It dripped into my ears and pooled in the cap. So I washed it off after 5 mins.

    HS Reply: It's possible that happens when there is a lot of water on the hair, or the person is warm. Did you add more liquid to this mask by chance? Or use as is? Usually if a mask becomes runny more powder can thicken it up. Please reach out to us so we can discuss further and see what adjustments could be made.

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