It's your favorite sisters, Khadija and Gail! Join them in the Ayurvedic hair regimen for ultimate hair growth and hair strengthening. This weekly hair regimen plan, includes using ready to use hair masks to treat your hair and scalp, how to infuse your own hair growth oil and a BONUS amla infused hair growth mask. Perfect for all hair types, textures and ideal for your first Ayurvedic regimen.

Ayurvedic Hair Strength and Growth Regimen

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Ayurvedic Hair Strength and Growth Regimen

$144.99 $199.00 sale

The Ayurvedic Hair Strength and Growth Regimen includes our 7 product bundle and FULL access to 6 weeks of step by step guided hair wash day treatments and planning. This digital hair regimen plan will show you how to use the product bundle to get you to your hair goals and quickly!

Digital 6 week hair regimen plan + guide included.

Ideal for all hair types and textures. Created for beginners.


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