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Henna 101

DIY Henna Hair Color, Ayurvedic Hair Care & Henna Body Art

Right at your fingertips are the resources you'll need to get started on your henna hair color and ayurvedic hair care journey. Khadija has created this page to provide you with the start you deserve excluding all that extra information you find on the internet that can be very confusing and highly misleading. We are here to provide you with the right steps to get your hair at its healthiest. We aspire for you to have stronger, longer, beautiful hair.

On this DIY page you'll find everything you'll need to get started along with personal recipes that will work perfectly for your hair type, texture and hair focus. Our goal is to focus on treating the hair to promote healthier hair care using raw, natural ingredients. 

As a professional henna artist, Khadija shares her expertise in this beautiful art form with free classes, eBooks you can download and videos you can watch on henna mixology, designs, jagua and including expert business advice.