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Organic Camellia Oil

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Amazing, silky, anti-aging, and moisturizing Organic Camellia Oil
(Camellia sinesis, also known as Tea Seed Oil)

Cold Pressed, Refined.

Our Organic Camellia oil is 100% pure, and contains no other additives, or oils. It contains no artificial scents, just it's own natural light camellia scent. This oil has been used for centuries in Eastern Asia (highly prized by Geishas, and used by Samurai swordsmen), and is highly recognized for it's anti-oxidant, restorative, and rejuvenating affect on the skin.

This oil is great for all skin and hair types. We recommend it for:

  • Moisturize - it penetrates quickly and deeply, giving your hair and skin optimum hydration without a greasy feel. Your skin will feel remarkably refreshed, smooth and firm.
  • Replenish - it increases skin resilience, giving your skin a supple and radiant glow you can see and feel. It endows your skin with a luminous silkiness.
  • Restore - it eliminates or visibly diminishes fine lines and pitted acne scarring, and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Protect - it contains Vitamins A, B, C, E and Polyphenol, natural antioxidants that safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of UV/environmental exposure and free radicals.
  • Growth - it will promote hair growth and clients even use it to stimulate eyelash growth.
  • It adds shine, softness and smoothness to your hair.
  • It prevents stretch marks such as those acquired during pregnancy. It helps diminish or completely eliminate stretch marks
  • sensitive and allergy-prone skin
  • conditioning your scalp
  • heals and repairs brittle, and damaged hair
  • brings relief to itchy, dry scalp
  • helps combat dandruff


Use a dime amount at a time. Rub that into your palms, or fingertips, and then proceed to apply it onto your skin, or scalp. If you're applying it onto your scalp, make sure to comb/brush it through the length of your hair thoroughly. You can run a small amount through your hair, doing that in such a way as to avoid tangles.




Get beautiful long lashes with our Organic Camellia Oil

More information on our Organic Camellia Oil

49 Reviews

  • Makes my skin super soft

    Posted by Jamie on 7th Jan 2018

    I love this oil for my face. It is an excellent moisturizer without making my skin shiny or greasy. A dime size amount works wonderfully. The price is perfect. I love Henna Sooq products and service!

  • Perfect for Fine Hair

    Posted by Katie Smith on 5th Jan 2018

    I absolutely love this oil. I got it for my hair, and although I'm experienced at using various organic oils for hair health, I have never used one as lightweight as camellia. So this was a really lovely surprise! It's so lightweight that I can even put a little bit on my baby fine hair during the day and no one can tell I have oil in my hair. The other, heavier oils I have to use overnight or when I'm just hanging out at home. Camellia is a perfect day oil, and the
    small bottle is great for travel.

  • I use as a skin lotion

    Posted by Kristi on 7th Nov 2017

    This product is great for dry skin. Use it all the time makes my skin so soft without all the yuck they put in lotion. Try it you’ll love it!!

  • Happy Face

    Posted by Cindy on 25th Jul 2017

    Finally a oil for my face that doesn't leave me looking greasy. Has no odor, and works well under my make. Winner!!!!

  • awsome oil

    Posted by kris on 20th Feb 2017

    this oil feels amazing on my skin!
    I have really dry skin , and was looking for something that worked. I've recently switched to oil instead of hand creams and I am loving the results my skin is staying moist all day long instead of applying hand cream multiple times a day I've been getting away with just putting the oil on in the morning. Love it.

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