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STUBBORN GREYS & BLACK HAIR | How to MAKE Indigo Work for Your Resistant Hair

Posted by Khadija Dawn Carryl on 2nd Oct 2019

STUBBORN GREYS & BLACK HAIR | How to MAKE Indigo Work for Your Resistant Hair

You've tried everything! You just want those stubborn, annoying and pesky grey hairs to disappear. You want luxurious, beautiful, healthy BLACK hair.

The henna part of the process is always making your hair reddish or orange and you're fed up. Is this you?

Don't worry. I have the perfect solution for you. This will be a game changer for you.

You see, typically the average person can do a two step process with henna and indigo and get black tones (including great coverage). That doesn't always work for everyone. This is actually a much more common problem then some may realize.

We get a lot of calls and emails about this issue all the time.

So what we're going to do together is a one step and two step in one recipe to get black tones and grey coverage.

Rather then doing henna alone, I'm going to have you do a brown recipe which is 50/50 (or 1 part each) of henna and indigo to color your hair brown to start rather then using henna alone (which will give you a red base alone).

Once you've done that recipe you'll follow up with your second step, which is indigo alone to get black tones.

Note: Use aloe vera powder in your mixes at 5% of the total to get added moisture and softness to your hair strands.

Make sure to use warm to hot distilled water when mixing your henna and indigo powders.

First off, I highly recommend you clarify your hair (and I'll post links below). Once your hair is damp you're ready to apply your henna hair coloring recipes.

So that means you should prepare your henna ahead of time. Henna will take about 3-4 hours to release it's dye. Once it's been about 3 hours, then mix your indigo in another bowl.

Indigo needs to sit only 20-30 minutes.

Once both pastes are ready and your hair has been washed/clarified, it's time to apply the henna and indigo hair coloring treatment.

Apply the henna/indigo mix to your hair and leave it on 3-4 hours.

Once you CoWash that out, then you can immediately apply the indigo to color your hair. If you don't have time immediately make sure do the indigo step within 3 days of the henna/indigo mix.

That's it. This will work much more effectively for you.

Comment below. Let us know if this worked for you or didn't. Any questions or comments are welcomed!

I also highly recommend you watch this video on tips on how to apply your henna and indigo hair coloring for best results:


-Indigo for Hair:

-Red Raj:

-Organic Aloe Vera Powder:

-Clarifying Hair Wash:

-Cleansing CoWash:


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