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Red Raj

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Our amazing Red Raj henna powder with luscious rich red tones. Lawsone Content 3.29%

This special batch is produced by specially selected USDA ORGANIC henna leaves rich in lawsone content from Rajasthan's Region of India. Perfect for those who love rich red tones for hair, and for dark rich red henna body art designs. 

Red Raj is our professional body art grade henna powder:

  • yield vibrant red tones
  • the ultimate henna for henna artists
  • used by professional henna artists worldwide
  • easily washes out of hair
  • strengthens
  • loosens curl pattern
  • thicker hair
  • protects your hair from the elements
  • reduces split ends
  • gets rid of dandruff


Quantity: 100 grams

This henna powder comes inside an inner foil resealable pouch. This is the best packaging possible to maintain freshness.

Crop 2020



Download Instructions:


How much you will need depends on your hair length, and thickness. This will give you a generally idea of how much you’ll need for 1 application: Above ear length: 50-75 grams Shoulder length: 100-125 grams Bra strap length or mid-back: 150-175 grams Lower back (above hips): 200 to 225 grams Hip/Waist length: 250 to 300 grams


513 Reviews

  • Another great product

    Posted by Lilith on 19th Jun 2021

    I am a first time user with Henna Sooq and I have to say using this product with the Indigo gave me the results I wanted, far exceeding my expectations.

  • Great henna!

    Posted by Siera on 16th May 2021

    I really enjoyed using this henna to dye my hair. It enhanced my copper tone, and I love having the ability to do that in a natural way!

  • Brilliant red!

    Posted by Feel like a mermaid when I use this on 10th May 2021

    I love this henna. What a game changer. All the Henna from here is such a fine powder; easy to mix and apply, and easy to wash out. My usual mix is 1 bag of Rajasthani + 1 bag of Red Raj + 1 heaping tablespoon aloe powder for moisture + 1 heaping tablespoon hibiscus powder for a hint of violet. I mix with warm water until it’s a pancake batter consistency, then let it release dye overnight. In the morning I apply the henna, put the rest in freezer bags for future root touch-ups, and cotton swab what’s leftover in the bowl for eyebrows and toenails. So pretty! It dyes my grays very well and when I mix with indigo (for my husbands’ grays) it looks so nice and natural. Also makes my hair crazy-shiny like it was in my youth, and eliminates the dandruff problems of my sensitive scalp. I get no dandruff until my hair grows out, and perhaps it’s from the henna, but my hair is growing really fast.

  • My fav

    Posted by Kb on 26th Apr 2021

    This is always my go to color. I love the orange-bronze tint that it gives my hair. It also dyes my stubborn grey with little effort. I’ve had gray hair since I was 17 and have always had issues with hair color lasting, red rah lasts longer than anything I have ever used.

  • Hair color and benefits

    Posted by 4c HIGH POROSITY HAIR on 23rd Apr 2021

    My hair loved this I just really wished I got some hair color btw my hair is naturally black I even used the hibiscus powder and green tea as my acid. Should I have use distilled water with green tea. Imma try that next time. And I have left overs so I put the rest in ice cubes in the freezer.

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