How to use Brahmi for Hair and Scalp

How to use Brahmi for Hair and Scalp - Henna Sooq

Our Organic Brahmi Powder is an Ayurvedic herb for scalp health, stronger roots and thicker hair strands. It also controls dandruff, reduces premature greying and slows hair loss. For all hair types and textures.

An essential herb for scalp health. Organic Brahmi is an Ayurvedic herb for scalp health. It's used to strengthen the roots of the hair and gives hair more density, helps control dandruff and decreases hair fall.

How to Mix

Prepare this herb as a paste (you can follow one of our many recipes found on our website) and use it as part of a wash day hair mask. This paste can also be infused with our hair tea or just mixed with warm distilled water. Make sure to prewash your hair with one of our hair washes or shampoo bars. Leave it in hair 1-2 hours. Then wash and rinse it out using our cleansing cowash. Optionally, you use one of our deep conditioners after use. Once complete, moisturize, dry and style as usual.



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