How to use Camellia Oil on Hair and Skin

How to use Camellia Oil on Hair and Skin - Henna Sooq

Camellia Oil is a light oil that easily absorbs into, and moisturizes your hair, and skin, This oil is ideal for promoting hair growth, and for dry, damaged hair. Ideal for allergy-prone, and sensitive skin.

Clients have used this oil to even grow longer eyelashes. This oil works really well in all henna and Ayurvedic hair care recipes giving you the length you want and the hydration your strands crave without feeling heavy and greasy.

When using it on your face and skin, after cleansing, you can lightly apply daily. It has anti-aging properties and absorbs easily into the skin without leaving you feeling greasy. 

Apply oil on damp hair strands or after you’ve applied a leave in conditioner so that it seals in moisture further.
Create a spritz to moisten hair strands as needed or use as an overnight treatment by applying it to your hair overnight and washing it out in the morning. Add 1-2 tbsp per 50 grams of henna and/or Ayurvedic herbs or clays.

You can use our Organic Camellia Oil to make an infused fenugreek hair growth oil. Watch the video below!





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