How to use Organic Cocoa Butter for Hair

How to use Organic Cocoa Butter for Hair - Henna Sooq

Organically certified and raw, natural cocoa butter is the perfect ingredient to add to your hair butter, hair masks, infusions and conveniently in wafer form so that they melt quickly and easily.

Ideal for all hair types and textures. Do use in a way that works best for your hair. Cocoa butter can also be used on your skin.

The Inside Scoop
This rich moisturizing butter nourishes your scalp which promotes hair growth. By adding this to your henna and Ayurvedic hair treatments or masks, it will strengthen the hair shaft, reduce hair loss, and also will improve hair texture affected by chemical and heat treatments. 

There are several ways you can use our Organic Cocoa Butter.

How to use organic cocoa butter ayurvedic hair care hennasooq

As a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Gently, and slowly melt your organic cocoa butter in a pot on your stovetop, or use a crock pot. Use the melted cocoa butter in your henna and Ayurvedic hair recipes. Mix well until it blends and add warm water if needed. You can then apply this hair mask to your freshly washed hair and leave it in your hair for 1-2 hours. Wash out throughly with warm water and/or with one of our Cleansing CoWashes. It is a heavy moisturizing treatment so extra shampooing may be needed. Ideally deep conditioning with cocoa butter is for dry to very dry hair when moisture and conditioning is needed.

Hair Butter & Body Treatments

You can use cocoa butter in your hair and body butter recipes through whipping and mixing it with other oils and shea butter. We have a lot of easy DIY recipes you can follow on our YouTube channel (click the Videos option in the footer of our website).

Foot Treatment

Use your organic cocoa butter, and rub a thick layer all over your feet, including soles. Cover with a sock, and sleep with a this treatment on overnight. In the morning, remove your socks, and shower as usual to remove excess butter. Heals cracked feet, and leaves feet feeling refreshed, nourished, and silky soft.

Dry Skin Spots

Use raw to apply a thick layer on dry, and raw skin areas. Allow to deeply penetrate, and leave on either all day, if comfortable for you, or as a deep overnight treatment.

Hair Sealant

Using melted liquid organic cocoa butter, apply onto your hair as a leave in moisturizer. If this is too heavy for your hair, you can also just treat the dry, damaged areas, and ends of your hair. Use to seal, and hold your protective hair styles. Ideally mixing with other oils makes it easier to apply and use.

Soothing Scalp Treatment

Organic cocoa butter will soothe, and heal irritated and inflamed scalp conditions. Place cocoa butter on the scalp and leave it on overnight. Wash it out the next day and continue with your regular hair regimen and routine. 

For general use on skin, take one cocoa butter wafer and place it your palm and rub it on your skin. The warmth from your hands will spread the butter all over, and deeply moisturize.




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