How to use Supreme Henna Powder - In House Blend

How to use Supreme Henna Powder - In House Blend - Henna Sooq

Our body art quality henna powder is an in house blend of henna powders specially selected and formulated. This henna powder is ideal for dark staining body art, and as hair dye, and is very potent and creamy.

Directions for Henna Body Art: Mix 2 tbsp of henna powder with 1 tsp of sugar such as fructose (amount can vary by humidity/region. adjust as needed). Add 1 tsp of Red Raj Bliss Blend essential oil. Then slowly add your liquid (lemon juice, water or jagua juice) and mix thoroughly until a semi-thick consistency. Allow to sit for dye release about 3-4 hours. Test for dye release by applying some paste on your palm for about 1 minute (if bright orange it's ready to use). Once ready. you can add more liquid to thin paste out as desired (or to a toothpaste like consistency). Fill your cones or bottles and then use them immediately (or freeze for later use for up to 6 months). Leave henna designs on skin for at least 3-4 hours or overnight for best results. After removing henna, use our Henna Care Balm to ensure best stain results. Henna will take 24-48 hours to darken fully.

Directions for Hair Dyeing or Mask: Mix henna with warm to hot distilled water (or yoghurt, aloe vera powder, coconut milk, ACV and any ingredients of your choice) until consistency of thick yoghurt. Allow to sit 3-4 hours for dye release. Wash your hair with our hair wash or shampoo bars and apply henna to your damp hair. Leave henna in your hair for 3-4 hours. Then wash it out with our Cleansing CoWash. Moisturize. dry and style as usual. Avoid contact with eyes.

Storage: We recommend you store henna in a cool dark place, fridge or freezer and away from moisture.


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