How to use Jagua Gel for Body Art Tattoos

How to use Jagua Gel for Body Art Tattoos - Henna Sooq

Our professional grade jagua gel are created using the raw, natural and cold pressed jagua juice and blended into a gel to create the darkest blue staining jagua gel that we also use for our own clients and it part of our Henna and Jagua Body Art eCourse.

Our Jagua Gel gives immediate results within hours! Stains quickly and gives a rich blue stain that lasts 7-10 days. Did we mention how delicious it smells?! We've infused our Jagua Gel with lavender essential oil. 

Directions: Open the spout cap on the pouch to dispense jagua gel into cones or applicator bottles. From your cone or bottle create designs. Once completed, allow design to dry and remain on the skin for 2 hours (the gel will take much longer to dry then the pastes do). Once it has been 2 hours, gently wash off the design with warm water to remove all of the gel. Your design will be very light if not transparent at first. It will darken over the next 24-48 hours to a rich blue stain.

When you receive your jagua gel, use immediately, or put remaining gel into your freezer. This is a perishable product. Fresh gel is only good for up to 6-12 months from date of purchase when kept frozen.

For external use only. Test your gel on a small area of your inner arm for any possible allergies. If irritation occurs discontinue use.
Note: jagua gel stains very easily. Be careful!


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