Why are Henna Hair Dyes Not all the Same?

Not all henna powders are created equally. There are blends, henna hair colors, hair quality and even fake henna. It honestly makes it near impossible to choose what might work best for you. We do believe there will be some trial and error in the whole process but it shouldn’t be so complicated.Henna BlendsThis is [...]
Why are Henna Hair Dyes Not all the Same? - Henna Sooq

Not all henna powders are created equally. Period.

As you browse the aisles, and tons of websites claiming to have the best of the best henna, you'll come across all types of henna products promising to give you the color you're seeking. There are blends, henna hair colors, henna chemical dyes, hair quality types and even fake henna.

It honestly makes it near impossible to choose the right henna because it's so confusing and overwhelming. Who knows what might work best for you? Right?!  We do believe there will be some trial and error in the whole henna hair coloring process but it doesn't have to be so complicated.

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What are Henna Blends?

This is found often times in your local Indian or Middle Eastern store. Sometimes even online. A henna blend would be where the henna is one of the ingredients listed but there may be several other herbs in the list of ingredients. Blends are not ideal for coloring because they dilute the main ingredient that produce the color which is the henna powder and/or indigo. Plus they'll usually not body art quality but rather a lower end hair quality (read more to find about this quality type).

A lot of blends are also sitting on the shelves for more then a year or so at a time typically. So they aren’t typically very fresh. Freshness is important to getting the color results and coverage you want. It's like using fresh herbs and spices. You want the best of then best for your food as you do for your hair and beauty products. Nothing less! 

What are Henna Hair Colors?

The most confusing and misleading product in the henna marketplace is Henna Hair Colors. Henna is being sold as a variety of colors or dyes, when in fact henna is not a range of dyes like chemicals are. Not naturally at least.

Henna is a plant that produces only a reddish tinted dye/stain. A plant naturally does not make two colors. There are no types of hennas either. Henna is a single plant of it’s kind, lawsonia inermis. 

Often these midleading "henna colors" are basically a henna hair color box dye that is a blend of many coloring herbs including henna, to create various dyes for your hair that sometimes contains even PPD (chemical), compound henna and metallic salts.

Henna hair colors also give a false sense of the color results. It gives you the consumer, the belief that you’ll receive a certain color result and coverage from this boxed henna hair color, that you think will be just a more natural option over chemical hair dyes. 

What is Hair Quality Henna?

Found on many shelves for lower prices would be the hair quality henna powder. It’s still pure henna but it is not finely sifted, has a lower dye content nor is it usually very fresh. Sometimes sitting on shelves for years.

When henna is not finely sifted, all the twigs and bits get into your hair making it so much harder for you to wash out. Can you imagine your hair with little twigs left in it that just wouldn’t come out? Who wants to wash their hair 2-3 times more just to get everything out? With all that heavy, repetitive cleansing it could lead your hair to feeling dry, increased breakage and a tangled mess. 

Hair quality henna powder that is not fresh nor high in dye content, usually won’t have the dyeing strength needed to color the hair effectively and especially grey hairs. You may want to save a few dollars but isn't your crown worth more to you then that?

You want to ensure you purchase high quality and body art quality henna powders such as found here at Henna Sooq. 

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Fake Henna

I’ve heard of this type of henna in more recent years. It’s actually a little funny to me. Just hearing the words fake henna. Like what does that even mean? Can there really be a fake type of henna? 

The fake henna most are talking about, I discovered, is about two Jamila henna powders carried by a company in Pakistan called Abid and Co. They are the creators of the Jamila brand (they have allowed us to package their Jamila hena powder for our brand) do make available two qualities of Jamila. One is the body art quality (marked with summer crop on bottom of box and super sift) and then there is the hair quality (please refer to the above).

I believe that people think the Jamila henna for hair quality is fake because they are comparing it to the higher quality Jamila as being the real henna that is more popularly used. The Jamila for hair is also packaged slightly differently (package is a shade different and sometimes the box is smaller) and there is no foil packaging for this henna. I admit if you didn’t really know it would seem that people would be trying to pass off this Jamila (hair quality) off for the superior Jamila henna powder.
It doesn’t make it fake but it is it’s own quality of Jamila henna and they are in fact both made by Abid and Co.

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What makes Henna Sooq unique is that our focus is giving our clients 100% pure, raw henna powder and ingredients to get the very best possible results. It would be extremely easy to carry and offer our clients “henna hair colors” in a box and just sell that to the masses but no our brand is not about that. We are about YOU and our community. We need to elevate henna hair dye to a whole next level. 

We want our clients to be well informed about every single ingredient that goes into their natural hair regimen because we believe in a healthier lifestyle and in transparency.

You are beautiful and we appreciate you! What is your favorite henna from Henna Sooq? Let us know!

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