Ayurvedic Hair Care for Hormonal Changes

Ayurvedic Hair Care for Hormonal Changes - Henna Sooq

All mammals who experience hair growth, experience a hair growth cycle. This cycle includes periods of growth, stagnation, and rest. The good news is, not every hair on the head is experiencing the same stage at the same time. Some hairs will be in their growth phase (anagen phase) while others are in their resting phase (telogen phase). Because of this, us humans should not even be able to tell what phases our hair is going through. The thing is, unlike other mammals, humans are the only ones whose hair sheds randomly, not seasonally. 

One huge factor in determining the phase and growth rate of your hair is the state of your hormones. Your hormones play an incredibly large part in the health of your hair, and if you are experiencing hormonal issues right now, you probably are noticing your hair is thinning, it’s breaking, it’s dull, and/or it just isn’t growing anymore.

There are a few ways hormones can contribute to hair loss in women, and these include shrinking of the hair follicles. When your body is experiencing health and hormonal issues, it shuts down less important functions of the body, like hair growth. While there are some inevitable hormonal changes we will face as women, such as pregnancy and menopause, there are other health issues that can come into play like Hypothyroidism and PCOS. Let’s discuss what you can do to care for your hair during these hormonal change - naturally!

Postpartum Hair Loss

I have given birth to 6 children and I know the struggles new moms face when it comes to postpartum hair loss! Not only are your hormones adjusting, but you are tired and stressed, and your body is thinking that your hair is the last thing it needs to take care of! So it is incredibly common to see some extensive hair loss after having a baby. There are some things we can do to try to bring it back to life though!

Of course, make sure you are getting all of your vitamins and minerals and speak to you doctor about the hair loss. Some supplements that are great for supporting hair loss are Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc, and Iron. If you are currently experiencing thinning edges, I have a great Ayurvedic hair recipe to help regrow those edges in no time!

Henna is a great herb to use to help thicken the hair and promote hair growth. Henna does dye your hair, especially if you have light hair. But if you’re okay with that, Henna would be an incredible option to add to your hair growth regimen plan. If you’re not looking to dye your hair, you can use Henna Sooq’s Ayurvedic Hair Tea which is full of growth promoting herbs, including henna, that won’t dye your hair.

If you want to avoid Henna, Zizyphus is great in a pinch! Henna Sooq has several Zizyphus products that are great for hair growth including a ready-to-use mask, a hair wash, and of course, the Zizyphus powder for anyone who wants to do a DIY treatment.

Menopausal Hair Changes

When women go through Menopause, oftentimes the hair completely changes texture. If you have straight hair, you might notice you now have some curls! If you have curls, you might notice them becoming wavy or even straight. The question then becomes, do you want to embrace your new hair? Or do you want to try to bring back the hair you had? If you went your whole life caring for one texture, how do you now learn how to take care of a new texture? This is a valid concern! If you’re looking to maintain curls, Zizyphus is great for that! Henna Sooq’s Cassia, Curls, and Moisture mask is another wonderful option. If you’re more interested in loosening curls or keeping your hair on the straighter side, Henna and Cassia both help to loosen the hair.

If you’re looking for something more guided, Henna Sooq has a 6 week self-paced regimen plan full of videos, products, and resources for you to grow your hair long and strong again. The Ayurvedic Method to Waist Length Hair Regimen will become your new go-to program to give your hair the rejuvenation it needs. 

Other Hormonal Issues (PCOS, Thyroid, Stress, etc)

Your hair is probably extremely fragile and needs to be taken care of very delicately! One supplement I would recommend is MSM crystals. MSM is a sulfur compound that helps create the protein that grows hair. Make sure to buy from a high quality source and check with your doctor to make sure this is something you are able to take. It is known to help increase the rate of hair growth, and I honestly don’t see enough people talking about it! Other supplements you can take are collagen and vitamin c. These are known to help increase the effectiveness of MSM as well! 

Since your hair is probably super thin, it is recommended to use infusions rather than a lot of hair masks. Masks can be heavy on the hair and we want to take as much precaution with your delicate stands as possible. This includes Henna Sooq’s Ayurvedic Hair Oil, Ayurvedic Hair Tea, Moroccan Hair Tea, and countless DIY infusion recipes on the Henna Sooq YouTube channel!

If you need more help, please reach out and book a consultation with me. I am a Henna and Ayurvedic hair care expert and I live to help women gain confidence in their hair naturally. I take consultations both in person in Columbia, Maryland and online! Let’s get your hair back to a healthy state.

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