How to Prevent and Stop Hair Fall, Thinning and Loss

How to Prevent and Stop Hair Fall, Thinning and Loss - Henna Sooq

As we age and go through life changes including health issues, we may experience hair fall, thinning and overall loss of hair that we once had. 

Being consistent with hair treatments using Ayurvedic hair care masks and regimens will help get your hair in the healthier state you want it to be. Do note, that eating well, exercise and drinking plenty of water, helps a lot as well. Should you not see the results getting better, we highly recommend you consult your doctor and consider having bloodwork done to check your levels such as your iron and if any medications may affect your overall hair health. 

Our Ayurvedic+ hair mask is infused with zizyphus to create a complete and balanced hair treatment that will help give your hair strands volume, fullness, naturally, without coloring your hair. 

Amla promotes hair growth and cassia gives you the strength, cleansing and balances out this treatment to give your scalp and hair the length you're after. 

How best to use this hair mask

  • Prewash with our shampoo bars or hair wash or alternatively prepoo with our Organic Camellia Oil
  • Mix with warm to hot distilled water or yoghurt or coconut milk until the consistency of thick yoghurt
  • Mix thoroughly and then apply onto hair and scalp. Gently give a light massaging all over to ensure it has been fully applied
  • Allow to stay in the hair 1-2 hours
  • Rinse out with our Cleansing CoWash in warm to cool water. This will restore, and hydrate your hair strands. Moisturize, dry and style as usual

Optionally, if your hair is normal to dry, you must add extra moisturizing ingredients as this treatment is not deeply moisturizing. We recommend adding our Organic Aloe Vera Powder (1-2 tsp per 100 grams) or Organic Fenugreek (1 tbsp) or one of our hair oils to ensure your hair gets all the benefits from this hair mask along with being left feeling moisturized and not dried out. 

Consistency is key! Do make sure you're using this treatment every 1-2 weeks or is in your 4-6 weeks hair care regimen. 

We recommend journaling to keep track of steps your hair likes and doesn't like so you can get to know your hair needs based on how it behaves and feels. Balance with proper hydrating products for your hair and use the LOC/LCO method to ensure moisture is staying in your hair.



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