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Sweet Honey Enriching Hair Nourisher

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Raw honey combined with the strengthening, and conditioning of our Organic Cassia Obovata makes this deep hair conditioning treatment the yummiest hair nourisher made with love by Henna Sooq. Your hair will be left feeling soft and shiny. 

Ingredients: raw honey, organic vegetable glycerine, organic sunflower oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic castor oil, behentrimonium methosulfate (and) cetearyl alcohol, meadowfoam seed oil, panthenol, organic cassia obovata, lemongrass essential oil, and optiphen (preservative)

Please note, all of our products are sold by weight not volume. 



For best results apply onto damp hair by sections, and gently smooth sweet honey onto your hair. Cover with plastic cap and allow to deeply condition your hair for 30-60 minutes. Once conditioning time is complete, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Moisture and style as usual. Note: This is not a leave in conditioner


133 Reviews

  • Sweet Honey Nourisher

    Posted by Erika Figueroa on 28th Dec 2021

    It was part of one of the courses bundle which provided a recipe using this product. OMG!!! Love, love, love this product. I has made my softer and my curls more defined. And when I straighten my hair, gorgeous. It smells wonderful too. Major game changer.

  • WooonderFUL!!!!

    Posted by Sissy on 25th Nov 2021

    One WOW, two WOW, three WOW & so on. This is the best stuff. My ends were actually soft for da first time in many, many years. I couldn't believe it & I have used many "so called" the best conditioners This is the BEST I have tried in my 60+ yrs on this earth. My hair strands were screaming, "Mama what is this?" " Don't stop buying this stuff. " After I got over my initial shock, I said I WON'T! LOL!!! I'm stocking up on this. I love it & will use it more often. Definitely will be using after I henna & color my hair with indigo.I just discovered hennasooq back in October. So far I love everything I have tried.

  • Sweet Honey Nourisher

    Posted by Valeria on 22nd Nov 2021

    My hair has never been so shiny. It's absolutely beautiful and the shine is fantastic.

  • What a blessing this has been to my hair!

    Posted by Melinda on 6th Oct 2021

    Wow where do I begin….. I’m a new customer who found Khadijah on YouTube during what was a disastrous hair nightmare I was enduring and let’s just say after her advice & help, I’ve placed 6 orders in less than 2 weeks and not because she suggested I purchase anything but because that’s how drastically this mask improved my hair! It was my very first product that I ordered along with the honey shampoo bar which made such a tremendous difference that I already knew I found the antidote within this brand. It made me a believer after reviving my hair with the first use so I went and took the leap ordering almost everything on here so more reviews to come lol. Just some background- while I don’t know what category to put my hair in since this is all new to me, I’m Hispanic and have very wavy & frizzy hair. My hair strands may be thick but due to health issues I’ve been dealing with hair loss & thinning. I never did anything chemical to my hair so at 40 I noticed my roots were oily while the rest of my hair was dryer. I’ve been using henna for over a decade and never had any issues until I started using this one particular brand of henna where I was advised the more full head of henna treatments, the better! They even suggested twice a week! I would go thru cycles of weekly & sometimes twice a week henna treatments and then take a month off because it was too much work. What I did not realize was that despite the rich color I achieved- my hair was breaking off all over the place and was getting destroyed. It was dry like Brillo and just touching my hair- lots of strands would easily fall off. Very scary for someone like myself who’s a cancer survivor and waited years for my hair to grow back to the end of my back. The last straw was when I bought a pre mixed blend from this brand so that I can match my natural dark brown hair (a few grays started to pop up) which I later on found out was mostly pure indigo! After 2 of those applications- my hair was done for. A matte shade a black with a weird undertone and blotchy uneven color but worst of all the hair loss and breakage was unbearable to deal with. That was when my research led me to Khadijah and het being the most amazing caring beautiful soul gave me tips to try to restore my hair and it worked! Bless her for helping me thru this mess. I had no idea I was getting protein overload and that my hair needed moisture. For the first time since I can remember, I barely had any hair loss when washing my hair and by the time I was done drying & styling it even my husband was amazed. It was a miracle- my hair had it’s shine and softness restored. No longer matte and since it was my first time using the mask, I only left it on 10 mins. It wasn’t heavy and did not leave any residue at all. I used a small amount of serum to flat iron my hair and could not stop looking at it & touching it. What’s weird is that as dry & damaged as my hair was, my scalp would get oily by the second day but this time it was very well balanced and my style lasted longer. I’m so sorry for the long review but I wanted to express my gratitude in great detail and say because of this star product, I am now waiting to try her entire line and even her henna in about a month or so. From reading the reviews it seems like this is a product that works for many different hair types which is why I wanted to emphasize on my complicated hair situation and hair type. I’ve used this mask 3 times so far (left it longer as suggested) and it always leaves my hair detangled, extremely hydrated and super shiny, I love how it rinses clean with no residue or build up and the smell is DIVINE! I don’t ever want to run out of this and I would love if they would consider making an even bigger size :) This honey conditioner mask alone truly did so much for my hair it’s unbelievable! I can’t wait to dive into the rest when it gets here. I already know I’ll be a lifetime henna sook customer. Thank you Khadijah

  • A Quality Product

    Posted by LDMS on 28th Sep 2021

    I have 4C hair, and it loves this product! I apply it to each section as I twist it. Then I cover with a scarf for a few days. It stays very moisturized, and when I undo the twists, the texture is beautiful!

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